Foods from European Delicatessen

2008 Dec 17
I always make a point of exploring stores that I routinely drive by. European Delicatessen has a great variety of eastern European products as well as german products. I purchased periogies, veal wurst and what I know as grattons de Lyon, which is basically seasoned, deep fried pork fat bits (it's my vice...). The staff were extremely friendly and they had a wonderful sandwich counter with a line up of customers. The deli had lots of assorted european meats, wursts and cheeses. Prices were about average.
Worth checking out if you are in the area.

2008 Jul 17
Hello European Delicatessen fans,

I am planning an upcoming shopping expedition to Merivale. My usual lunch stop is Nicastro's however this time I might like to break from tradition and try the Eurpean Delicatesssen - the lunches sound so delicious! I paid a brief visit last March but alas the weather was a little cool for sitting outside and they obviously do not have any tables set up indoors. So does anyone know if they have tables set up outdoors during the nice weather? Also do you have any favourites you could recommend? (I could easily pick anything from the menu - it all looks so good - but I like getting recommendations from the regulars...) Thanks!

2008 Jun 8
Wow, what a coincidence! The day after I created the Weisswurst food here, a German friend of mine asked me if I knew where to get authentic ones. He ended up getting some here and was extremely happy with them as he reported to me yesterday. I believe he even said they have several varieties available.



2007 Sep 17
A great sandwich on a round kaiser reminiscent of Nicastro's/La Bottega. They really pile on the meat here. Priced reasonably. The store also carries other Euro treats like perogies, Ajvar, and a wide selection of chocolate.


2007 Jul 16
I buy these from time to time and really enjoy them. They are as good as the ones I used to buy when hiking in the Alps, and that says something. And yes, they are square (as all the ones in the Alps that I've ever seen are)

2013 Jun 9
I have had a hard time finding this brand of wafer/cracker, so I wanted to mark which stores had them.

I like them particularly because they are not salted, usually have all kinds of good whole wheat goodness and are very substantial for putting toppings on.

The European Delicatessen has a large selection at around $3.75 per package.