Tags: German · Swiss
Hard dried sausage having a rectangular cross section and made from beef and pork. Known as a hiker's or soldier's food as it keeps and partners well with bread for a simple and satisfying meal.

Where to get Landjäger

2012 Dec 2
Landjaeger is also available at the Sausage Kitchen in the Market. Btw the SK is under new family ownership, still smoking their sausage goodies in the basement.

2007 Jul 16
A loaf of crusty bread, a few sticks of Landjäger, a Swiss army knife, a thermos of cold rosehip tea, and a bar of good chocolate are perfect companions on an alpine hike! :-)

2007 Jul 16
I often buy the ones at the European Deli and really enjoy them. I love these for putting into my backpack for backwoods camping. I live off basically Landjaeger and home made granola bars.

2007 Jul 15
Just picked up some today at the Ottawa Farmers Market, and it is a particularly delicious smoky version. Best enjoyed sliced into little pieces and eaten with mouthfuls of good bread!


2007 Jul 16
I buy these from time to time and really enjoy them. They are as good as the ones I used to buy when hiking in the Alps, and that says something. And yes, they are square (as all the ones in the Alps that I've ever seen are)