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Aromat is an MSG-based seasoning that is very popular in Switzerland. It used to be available at Loblaws and other places but now I can't find it anywhere in Ottawa!

Knorr Aromat
Where to get Knorr Aromat

2011 Nov 14
anyone know where to get the RED Knorr (for meats)I can not find it and really really would love to get some

2011 Aug 11
Poutine, it's a tasty way to add MSG to pretty much any vegetable dish, but it's especially magical in salad dressings and with raw cucumbers and tomatoes. Makes for extra yummy sauteed green beans too!

They make a version for meat as well (in a red shaker), but the standard yellow-with-green one is primarily for vegetables.

2011 Aug 11
I received a bottle of Aromat from my new Swiss tenant. I had never heard of it before, I sprinkled a little on asparagus and it was good. What else do you use it for or on?

2011 Mar 24

I live in montreal and you can find the swiss version of knorr aromat either at La Bernoise on st-charles blvd or on crescent street near de maisonneuve, in a Swiss store in front of nespresso.


2010 Jan 25
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Can't comment on Montreal... but I can help you with the Ottawa aspect.

If you open the OF Page for Knorr Aromat =Knorr Aromat you'll be able to see all the entries and comments in regard to this item.

Down by the bottom of that page, is the comment from Fresh Foodie beneath a banner for Dutch Groceries and Imports = Dutch Groceries and Giftware

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2010 Jan 25
I've always been a fan of Knorr Aromat seasonning for well over 20 years but for 4 or 5 years now I cannot find it anywhere. I live in Montreal. Any idea where I could find it. You mentionned that you found it in Ottawa but where? Please help!

2006 Sep 20
All I can say is: you move back to the Island and I get you all the Aromat you need! (Of course, Mom might have to go to CH now and again to help out!)


2006 Nov 16
Finally found it! They have the little cannisters (both regular and "fines herbes") as well as refill pouches. The graphic design of the packaging looks quite different from what I've seen before, but that could be because it's for the Dutch market.