Name: Ian Capstick

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2009 Oct 23 UNREAD
Hi, what's the pink thing with the oatmeal wafer in your profile pic? Looks tasty!

2007 Sep 17

Too funny. You would be shocked to see how fast I can get into the tights.


2007 Sep 12
Hi Ian

"Media wrangler by day. Cook by night." Does that gig come with a secret identity & a cape and tights?

2007 Aug 8
Magic Kitchen,

Indeed, I am a press secretary for the NDP. And, yes a former managing editor of the Fulcrum at the U of O. Its not FreshFooodie that should be glad to have me...the food community in Ottawa should be damn glad we have him!


2007 Aug 3
Hello Ian,

I guess you are the NDP media man or the Press Secretary for the NDP?

When you were a student at U of O, you were an editor at The Fulcrum.

FreshFoodies should be glad to have you here.