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2009 Feb 19
I gave up eggs so I can't have them anymore but their sesame bagels were consistently awesome, there were days I'd go through a dozen and want more. (and no I am not a glutton)



2006 Sep 25
The best bagels I've had in Ottawa. The place is filled with sesame seeds, which means it is rare to find any bagel without at least a few seeds on it. Those with sesame seed allergies (such as myself) should spend some time removing stray seeds from the bagel before chowing down. My allergist would tell me not to eat them at all, but isn't anaphylactic shock a minor risk to run for bagels this good?




2009 Jul 30
The last few times I've been here (twice in the last eight months), I've found the bagels overcooked, and the sesame seeds burnt.

Friends have tried to convert me to the Bagel Shop, but I'm a Kettleman's girl, through and through.

2007 Oct 16
I see that the Bagel Shop is now advertising their connection to St-Viateur in Montreal. Can't get a much better pedigree (with apologies to Fairmount supporters). What I like about the Bagel Shop is that they obviously have a pretty high turnover, so I almost always end up getting fresh, hot bagels when I go there to purchase them (or perhaps I'm just lucky).

2007 Sep 20
If you have never tried an authentic Montreal-style bagel this is the place to do it. Easily rivals Kettleman's. They sell them at my local Loblaw's in their massive Kosher section (College Square)

2007 Mar 17
Authentic Montreal style bagels. The owner's Brother in Law runs one of the bagel shops in Montreal, and that's where he learned to make them. Real wood oven bagels ... mmmmmm! Wide selection to choose from.


2007 Oct 9
I went to Dover's just after it first opened and thought the bagels were just ok and didn't expect they would tempt me away from the Ottawa Bagel Shop. Well, I went back for the second time this weekend and I was much more impressed this time. There's not much to choose from between their bagels and those from the Bagel Shop (or Bagel Run in Orleans); all excellent versions of the Montreal bagel. The sesame bagels weren't hot when I bought them (I suspect the Bagel Shop has a bigger turnover) but they were obviously freshly made earlier that day. Dover's also carries olive cream cheese (not easy to find, but long being one of my favourites) and Art-is-in Bread. I won't stop going to the Bagel Shop, but won't hesitate to go to Dover's more often. They're a good option for people in the west end (being on Greenbank, just north of Hunt Club).


2007 Nov 4
The Bagel Run in Orleans does an excellent Montreal-style bagel. I'd pretty much put them on a par with the Ottawa Bagel Shop. I think they are slightly sweeter than the ones from the Bagel Shop, but it's hard to choose between the two. I'm pretty much a traditionalist when it comes to bagels, and stick to sesame seed, but I also got some blueberry bagels and they are very good as well. I was also tempted by some chocolate chip bagels, but held back (maybe another day). They have a good selection of cream cheese, including Olive (one of my favourites, which I've only found here and at Dover's). They used to sell cheese bagels (the horseshoe-shaped ones) but I didn't see any this weekend, not sure if they still do. Worth a stop if you're in Orleans.