This may seem an odd addition to this site until one realises this is an Italian hardware store, and it caters very heavily to Italian cooking, home preserving, and home wine and beer making. It has high quality cookware with pots ranging from 1 to 200 liters in volume, and everything in between. Lots of pasta-makers, vacuum-sealers, beer-and-wine-making equipment, home canning equipment including enormous pressure-canners, and more.

Preston Hardware
Foods from Preston Hardware


2010 May 6
FYI they now have a pretty major section of grills, BBQs, smokers and the likes. Even outdoor kitchens.

They've always had a good selection of this stuff, but this year have really taken it up a very noticable notch. Or two.

2008 Sep 18
Just noticed they've done a HUGE upgrade to their website and now have a considerable amount of their inventory on-line, especially housewares!

2007 Mar 12
Bought one of these bad-boys at Preston a few years ago. Really speeds up the huge batches of vegetables that we can up every fall. They have 4 or 5 models with a wide range of sizes. Ours is double-decker and can take about 17 x 500ml jars