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2010 May 26
Unfortunately, this Ottawa institution is no more.

2010 May 13
Didn't even bother to sit down and eat because I was greated to hearing the owner screaming at one of his staff. Guess he thought they were alone. I was a little disgusted and had to leave.

2010 May 12
Went for my farewell Nate's dinner last night. So sad that this place is closing. It was the first place I ever ate when I moved to Ottawa. Always yummy comfort food with friendly service.
They are actually closing in the 24th with NO immediate plans to open at another location so go get your fill while you still can!!

2010 May 10
Love, love, love their breakfast sausages. Buy them uncooked for big family breakfasts. Will have to stockpile them if they decide not to re-open!

2010 Feb 27
Nate's going to do 50 years on Rideau, closing on May 31. They're looking at three possible new locations in Ottawa. I think they would be great on Bank Street. There's a Facebook page "Bring Nate's Deli to Bank Street"

2008 Jan 3
The information I heard was that the building had been sold but Nate's still has a lease for two years before it has to make way for the condos.

2008 Jan 3
Just heard a rumor that Nate's is closing it's doors to make way for condos.

2006 Oct 22
I'm quickly approaching the conclusion that the only really good things here are the atmosphere and the smoked meat. This Lantzman's Platter featured a bland and dry (yet greasy tasting) latke, two okay fried blintzes topped with fried onions, and a really bad cabbage roll. It filled the stomach but wasn't much of a joy going down.

2006 Sep 22
This place always caught my fancy. If you're looking for no-nonsense deli sandwich, with crispy yellow fries and the obligatory pickle slice all served by a lifer named Madge.. it's your place to be. Everyone's a character, down to the busboy. Pick up some blinzes or pickled goodies on your way out.



2006 Oct 22
The smoked meat is very good here. A smoked meat on rye goes for $5.50 but the full platter is $9.95. Yep, they're charging $4.45 for a little cup of sickly sweet coleslaw and a handful of pretty bad fries. Next time I'll just order two sandwiches instead! :-)

2006 Sep 22
Stacked nice and high.. the best I tried outside Montreal itself. Make sure you ask for dijon. The ballpark flows a little to easily at Nate's.