Burritos at Ahora
Burritos at Ahora
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2008 Jan 29
re: non-sausage street foods


There's hope!

2008 Jan 28
I definitely agree Monty, and I've thought about starting up a business that would do exactly that... but the niche in Ottawa is pretty tight, it's something you would have to win locals over with. It's sad when Taco Bell is probably the closest to this business model...

I still haven't tried Coco's yet, but I heard they aren't very speedy. Ahora is good, but, it's not as fast as the few you've mentioned.

Personally, I think Ottawa needs a kick in the sausage-street-vending pants, and some people need to start peddling burritos/tacos/sopa, etc like they do all over the USA.

2008 Jan 28
Serious lack of quick-service type burrito places here in Ottawa. By quick-service I mean like Subway style where you pick a filling (beef, chicken, fish, or veg) and all your fillings, they wrap it up, grill it, and send you on your way.

There's quite a few in Toronto like Burrito Boyz, Mucho Burrito, Moe's Southwest Grill, and BarBurrito. Even more plentiful in our neighbors to the south, the US.

Seems like everyone in Ottawa is hung up on Shawarmas as their wrap of choice. Someone needs to step it up and fill the void!


2011 Jun 27
Burrito De Pollo.
Their Chicken burrito was pretty tasty, different from those I had in the past: the tortilla was thicker and there were less ingredients inside. All the dishes on the menu are very afordable which is appreciable.

2009 Jul 9
I just attended Ahora for the first time with the GF and it matched my expectations. We both got Burritos in different forms, as well as the corn chips and Guacamole. We only sampled the rice and the beans and a few of the sauces seeing as the Lady happens to be quite allergic to sweet peppers (red, green, yellow) which are only actually found in the salad or as a garnish.

It was astounding. It felt filling and healthy, like the very definition of quality mexican food. My only complaint was that there was so little space for a resto which is so wonderful. I will certainly be back to try the Enchilada, but I heartily reccomend the burrito's.

2007 May 29
After so much 'enchiladas vegetariana' abuse I finally branched out and got a take-away vegetarian burrito. The 'ranchero vegitariano.'

And, yum.

One thing stands out: Ahora is a great value. It's an awful lot of high-quality food for relatively little cash. Size-wise, it reminded me of something called a "Macho Burrito" from the US "Del Taco" chain, which was -- when I was there -- advertised with the not terribly appealing slogan "Over 1 pound of ingredients!" Really, a piggish size. But exactly the sort of thing I like to pig out on.

The hot-tish green salsa, all cilantro-y, is just the thing to douse it with.

2007 Mar 11
This is the burrito platter. I didn't eat it so I can only share what I saw.

2017 Aug 14
Very tasty beef burrito, appropriately spiced with hot sauce. Nice chef. Be prepared to meet friendly doggo from underneath the truck!



2010 Jun 23
Burritos!!! Tacos and Tortas (Mexican sandwich) are some the items found in the menu of Burrito Borracho. A restaurant in the heart of the market that has a little of both Canadian and Mexican touch. Although the atmosphere doesn't resemble the actual "taquerias" of Mexico, it's perfect for our Canadian standards. But I'm here to talk about the food, which is very good. I am not from Mexico, but I had the chance to go backpacking through central and western Mexico, so most of the places I ate at where very very Mexican. And the food of the BB is definitely up there with the best places I tried while in Mexico. The seasoning of the meats is right on, their sauces are exactly the ones you find everywhere in Mex. The tortillas of the tacos have that delicious corn flavor and they give you double tortilla, it cant get any closer to the real thing! I believe that people that REALLY appreciate good Mexican food will not put a price tag on taste. Plus the portions are huge! I mean do not compare them with American portions because then they will be small, on the contrary they are perfect for someone with a big appetite and you can down size if you don't eat much like me.

Remember there is a huge difference between TEX-MEX and authentic Mexican food, and this restaurant has the real stuff, so you wont find any ground beef, nor sour cream or fried chicken.

Last thing to add and another reason why I like this place, it's one of the few restaurants where you will find the owners working pretty much 24/7. They are doing a great job, Best wishes and lots of success!!!



2014 Dec 15
I've been here a number of times and had mixed results. The food is ok with the right server, but it seems to be 50/50 chance you get rushed though the line and they are wrapping it and asking if its "for here or to go" before you have added anything.
Most of the time, they never mention the sauces and you end up with a bland tasting balloon that they call a burrito .
The chicken is quite plain, but the beef and pork is really tasty
They put the burrito on a press grill at the end, but it was only on for 15 seconds ! It was still cold inside when i sat down to eat it.

I find the Quesadilla is better than the burrito very good especially with the chopped green jalapenos.

I have been to the Merivale and Orleans locations and found the service was very rushed, but the train yards one has a better trained staff. They were the only ones to mention trying the burrito sauce.

I would recommend Burrito Gringo as a more pleasant experience with better servers and better food if your looking for fast Mexican food.