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Macarons et Madeleines
Kouign-Amann at Macarons et Madeleines
Macarons et Madeleines
Macarons at Macarons et Madeleines
Macarons et Madeleines
Croissants at Macarons et Madeleines
Macarons at Macarons et Madeleines
Foods from Macarons et Madeleines

2011 Dec 1
A great write-up on this bakery along with a really stunning photo gallery. Looks like there are many, many...many reasons to visit. Wow.

2011 Nov 3
I picked up a croissant and a brioche this morning and both were excellent. What really blew me away, though is their jam. I picked up a peach jam and a mixed berry one and they are outstanding. So, don't limit yourself to just the baked goods. They make the jams themselves and I was told they pick their own berries as well.

2011 Nov 2
stopped in this morning around 11am, there wasn't too much left. i bought a croissant, a spiral pastry with raisins made with croissant pastry and pastry cream, and one slice of bread pudding. the bread pudding is made from day old pastries. the owner suggested cooking it up in a frying pan and pouring maple syrup on it - similar to french toast.

the croissants are very small and flakey. not my favourite croissants, i like a bit of grease and butter. the spiral pastry was delicious. i'm saving the bread pudding for my husband.

the space is very cute, you feel like you are standing in their kitchen. the chef was cooking on the stove, while his wife showed me what they had left.

2011 Nov 2
I'm pleased someone added M&M to the OF site.

I first had my M&M experience this summer and oh boy (!!!) was I a happy girl.

I have never been a fan of macarons but since tasting theirs, I have changed my tune.

I had the lychee (wow!), passionfruit (okay) and strawberry cheesecake (yum).

I'm definitely keen to have more and try their other offerings.

2011 Oct 30
They have a website with prices listed all in the excellent & affordable range :)

2011 Oct 29
Excellent... this is right by my work. I shall have to try them!

2011 Oct 29
This place is a cool little home-based French patisserie and a great addition to the city - particularly for discerning French pastry lovers. It`s exactly what the neighbourhood needed.

It`s not the kind of place that one would likely find out about unless by word of mouth, although there was a little feature in the online Ottawa Magazine this week.

I`m not a huge pastry fan, but a little Parisienne birdie tells me that these are far and away the best croissants in the city - and we`ve tried them all. I would love to hear other opinions.

Marvelous pain aux raisins, macarons, little brioches and a `real` pain chocolat!

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2014 Nov 1
Thoroughly enjoyed a perfect croissant from here this afternoon – buttery and flaky. Love the new storefront too.

2012 May 23
Based on one visit, I think this Croissant might deserve the crown of Ottawa's best croissant... very slightly edging out Art Is In Bakery and Bread & Sons Bakery. In fact, I'd describe it as kind of a cross between those two and the heavier The French Baker offering. Highly recommended!



2014 Oct 15
Yay! They are opening this Saturday at 8:00A.M.

2014 Aug 27
Foodies detectives! It's like CSI, but you end up hungry. Coming soon to Food Network.

2014 Aug 27

I stopped by there this afternoon and they have NOT yet opened, so I do not know what New User 5965's rant was about. There were two people in the place, both workmen. I did ask if they knew it would be opening and they said they had no idea. I also wonder if the person New User was speaking to was actually the owner or one of the workers. Oh, and by the way, since they have not yet opened, there was, not surprisingly, nary a macaron or any other edible is sight.

2014 Aug 26
New User 5965,

I had not realized that they had opened. I will say that "the baker" as you call him, has always been very pleasant to deal with and will go out of his way to accommodate special requests. I find your experience completely the opposite of what I and I daresay many others, have experienced. I also see that it is your first post and look forward to reading about your more positive reviews.

2014 Aug 26
Terrible service, the baker acted like he was better than you, and mediocre macarons.

2013 Jan 12
After reading the WooKstah's review, I decided to try some macarons and bread.
This place is home based business, so it looks like someone's private house, but just open the door and get inside!
Maple Walnut (brown), Chai Tea w RaisinGreen), and Raspberry w Mint Chocolate(red).

It is easy to make macaron shells which look perfect from the outside, but I know it is very difficult to make macaron shells without hollow air bubbles inside.
All three macaron shells were perfect. Outside is shiny egg shell and inside is moist, dense and chewy. My favourite is Maple walnut most simple one, you can taste almond very well. Chai macaron tasted like nothing but real chai tea, raspberry one is sweet and sour raspberry with bitter ganache with hint of mint.

$1.75 per macaron is very reasonable for this quality.

2012 Feb 16
It's funny that so many of the previous reviews also mention that it was M&M that first turned them towards the possibility of macarons being so delicious; that was exactly the case for me as well. My first macarons (not by M&M) were had at a charity event at the Museum of Civilization which confirmed my suspicious - they looked like plastic and tasted quite similar to plastic :P I then had some while I was in France, and they were definitely better, but I wasn't converted. Then, earlier this year I had Stephan's lavendar and vanilla macarons and I was blown away! They were incredible! I have since had I few flavours of macarons that I didn't enjoy as much (ie. rosewater) but I've also discovered their canelles and madeleines which I have to get whenever I'm in the store.

I'll admit, I've now developed an incredible biased towards Stephan's bakery because (a) most of everything I've tried has been delicious and (b) Stephan and his wife are just so friendly and undeniably likeable. I realize this is a food reviewing site, but sometimes you have to agree that the service itself makes a huge difference! Macarons and madeleines is truly a hidden gem in Ottawa :)

2011 Oct 31
Tried the macarons last week, on Saturday. Got 2-3 flavours, one of which was vanilla, which I tried, and loved. Never a big fan before of macarons, but these were great.

Oddly enough, the owners, who are very nice and proud of their establishments (as they should be, a beautiful shop on the main floor of what appears to be an old brick house, nice granite counters, wood cabinets, etc), they talked to us about all their creations, except madeleines. Perhaps they had run out.

Anyway, we got about 10 macarons and 2 almond croissants, which were also knockouts. Looking forward to visiting for more treats. Interesting neighbourhood too, nice old houses, and pretty peaceful and cozy once you walk a decent distance from Albert.



2013 Jun 17
I picked up a few pastries on Sunday morning for Father's Day brunch. As usual, everything was top-notch.

Clockwise from top left of the photo: Kouign-Amann, Madeleine, Canelé, macarons: balsamic white chocolate, coconut something, basil and lime.

The madeleine and the canelé were the best I've had. The balsamic white chocolate macaron was amazing (the light tang of balsamic made it taste like good cheesecake!) while the other two were less to my taste. My taste in macarons is boring though -- favourites are always hazelnut and pistachio. :)

This post is really about the Kouign-Amann. It is only available on weekends and it costs $8. But wow, this is like the envied love child of a torrid romance between an eager croissant and a coquettishly coy sticky bun! I was told to heat it in a 350F oven "until it smells really good" (turned out to be about 10 minutes). This crisps it a little and melts the butter throughout. I shared this one amongst 4 people but I am easily able to imagine sitting down with a good coffee and devouring the entire thing as a meal, bite by sinful, enchanting bite. My new favourite pastry.

BTW, to pronounce it, just think of a cross-dressing Jamaican: "Queen Ya Man" :D



2013 Jun 3
We like to chat each other up when I'm there on the weekends to pick up some chocolatines and/or croissants and/or almond croissants and/or etc.

I brought him a couple of bottles of MY vanilla as a gift one time, not realizing that he makes and sells his own! Faux pas. Anyway, he accepted the gift and complimented me on mine some time later. Such a classy guy. I love him to pieces.

I haven't tried theirs, but his list of ingredients is similar to mine, so only the highest quality.

2014 Oct 26
I went in to Macarons et Madeleines today and picked up a slice of flan. It was delicious--very creamy, tender, rich custard with the crunch of vanilla seeds. Even the crust that was touching the custard was good. I was advised to eat it cold or warm but not room temperature. I chose cold, with a cup of hot tea and it was perfection. Too bad I scarfed it all before even thinking of taking a picture!