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Little Indian place at the corner of Somerset and Bank. Order at the counter and take a seat. They'll bring the food out to you.

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2011 Nov 1
Ordered from Basmati the other night. Delivery was fine -- no issues ordering etc. Had 2 Naan ($2/ea.), Chicken Vindaloo, Lamb Madras, Channa Masala, and rice. Total was about $45 with delivery and tax etc.

The naan was very enjoyable as it was warm, soft, and slightly charred on parts. It was also huge. There were only two of us eating and we ended up just splitting one in half and saving the other one.

I only tasted the Chicken Vindaloo. I've never had it before but it was not as spicy as I was expecting, which isn't to say that it wasn't hot but I expected more. It was good though.

The channa masala was ok, but I didn't think it was particularly flavourful. No real complaint, just not a standout. I thought the lamb madras was the standout dish and I would certainly eat it again if I happened to be here and didn't feel like menu-exploring. It had a decent amount of spiciness and a more well-rounded flavour than the other dishes. Meat was tender and the portion was reasonable (I would've preferred one or two more lamb chunks but beggars can't be choosers).

All said, I was in the mood for Indian and I was happy with my meal. I'm no expert but I'm not prepared to write this place off.

2011 Mar 18
We drove by Basmati tonight, talked about how we really need to try it, then phoned from the car to order. They apparently close at 10:30PM and we phoned at 10:52PM.

We were very nicely told to come by to pick up our food in a few minutes, regardless of the closing time. We circled the block and returned. The chef joked around with us as we waited. Very friendly service. Good food for the value. It's certainly not a date-night restaurant, but I will definitely return for lunch and for take-out.

The basmati rice is definitely yellow, as other members have mentioned, but it's not a turn-off for me. I think it's just turmeric. I'll try to remember to ask next time.

2010 Oct 15
Yellow rice could be an indicator of the presence of turmeric or even saffron. Just saying.

2010 Oct 15
I get wrap sandwiches here all the time and those are great.
Pizza is very good too and resonable in price.

Now the minuses;

their rice is always all yellow..makes me not want to eat it.
The soda in glass bottles did not look that "fresh" had banged up bottles,could not read dates on them?

Potatoes for the dishes I saw one day come out of a plastic bag..and looked liek the frozen kind.

Fries for the like poutine they seem to be frozen fries and they used to add paneer to it..and now they do not,
I tried the poutine once this year and it had much less cheese then when I had it last year.

I only get sandwiches,pizza,samosas here

-here u can see how scratched up the soda bottle was:

2010 Aug 26
I had lunch here recently and was reasonably satisfied.

There is certainly better Indian to be had in the city, but they aren't trying to be a gourmet restaurant. For a quick, filling, reasonably priced lunch, Basmati was excellent.

The service was friendly and quick and the food was good. If you're in the neighbourhood it's definitely a good choice for lunch and I'll be getting my lunch from there again in the future.

2009 Jun 11
I regularly get the tikka chicken wrap from here. It's delicious - best naan I've ever had and moist, delicious chicken tikka. I tried the tikka pizza today and it was really good! It's one of the best pizzas I've ever had. I've had some of their curries and haven't really cared for them (they weren't bad, just so-so) but anything from the tandoor and the innovative menu has been great.

2008 Jun 19
Eh. Not impressed. Nothing inedible, but nothing worth going back for, either. Sag aloo was ordered "hot," arrived bland (and 90% potato), as did an eggplant and mushroom dish. Not just not hot, but "watered down" sums it up.

2008 May 15
Had a little time before grabbing the bus last Friday so I tried it. Ė Pretty surprised. It wasnít fancy garnished food but I liked it a lot. I took their butter chicken to go. Pretty big portion. Simple but tasty Ė not overly sweet (which many places overdo) I liked that it wasnít too heavy on tomato sauce as I find the tomatoes distract from the dish if there is too much. I wish there had been more nuts and raisins Ė but thatís just me (I was told that they didnít put the nuts in because of allergies but that they added some in my plate.) Too bad they didnít give me a menu with my takeout Ė I wanted to order some yesterday but couldnít find their number offhand, it didnít seem to be in the yellow page. Had to wait until I could look online. Still , their website was nice : . My friends and I ordered a few items this time : a chicken wrap, byrani, samosas, bread and curries. Everything was good. Will definitely go again.

2007 Dec 17
My friends and I decided to visit the closed intersection at Bank and Somerset St. We could have easily passed by Basmati restaurant, but decided to go in. The decor is cafeteria style. The food was pretty good . nothing fancy but filling and tasty . I have to go back to try a Samosa .

2007 Dec 2
Had the Desi poutine here in Oct. It was excellent! They use a vegetable-based stock with spices. Had it again in Nov and it tasted watered down. And had to get the fries recooked since they weren't golden the first time.

Also had the butter chicken and it was average.

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