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2008 Jul 19 UNREAD
"because you obviously know"
??? What exactly do you mean by that.
I'm starting to think that everytime you open your mouth it's to change feet :)

2008 Jul 17
It's too bad you have such an attitude. You do bring up some good points but you're just so insufferably pompous that you put people off. Ironically, today I bought some of those strawberries you were referring to. I've gotten good ones up til this point, but the ones I bought in the market today were awful. I even think your description was generous. One of the really bad ones tasted like a mouthful of dirty lake water. I think I can still taste it.
Some of your expectations seem a little unrealistic, and frankly yes, as a town Ottawa seems to love their bland chain restaurants....I'm perfectly happy to let the suckers line up and part with their cash if that's what they're long as I don't have to eat there.