It's an El Salvadoran thick tortilla stuffed with cheese and other various fillings.

Pupusa at La Cabaņa
Where to get Pupusa

2007 Oct 28
Also, when you eat pupusa you *must* eat curtido (the fermented coleslaw in a mason jar at La Cabana):

2007 Oct 28


2016 Nov 3
The pupusa from La Cabaņa are still good 8 years on from the last pupusa review - I had a couple pork and a bean with cheese, hot sauce, salsa and lotsa Curtido. Sadly they were out of the horchata that I really like and I had to make do with a tamarino (I think that's what it's called).

2008 Feb 26
Hey FisH,

Looks like I had a 'brain cranp' when I made my original entry.

The olives WERE in the tamale, and not the pupusa.

I gotta go back to La Cabana soon. mmmm pupusa.

2008 Jan 6
I had the same $10.50 sampler platter that everyone else seems to have ordered on their first visit. I thought the tamal was nothing special; it came with some tomatoey sauce in a syrup jug and a bottle of hot sauce to perk things up a little. The little rectangle of cheese was all right (kind of like feta, but with a nicer flavour). The plantains are tasty but very sweet. The refried beans are awesome. And the pupusas totally rock!

I asked the server which pupusa she recommends and she said that if I eat pork she suggests the pork and cheese one. It was super tasty!

Next time here I will have three pork pupusas, a mountain of curtido, and a big bowl of soup -- exactly what the latino guys at the next table were having. They know what's best! :-)

2007 Nov 9
Are you sure you're talking about the Papusa and not the Tamale that had the olives in it? I've been to La Cabana numerous times and have never gotten olives in my papusa (which are stuffed with beans and/or meat and cheese). My tamales HAVE, however had olives in them in addition to chicken...

2007 Nov 9
My Pupusa had green olives stuffed with pimento in it. HUH ??? Still right-some-good though !! I guess these olives are not just for Xmas dinner anymore.

2007 Aug 8
The only pupusa in town! Very good!

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2014 Dec 10
So good... I used to go to La Cabana often, now I prefer El Tucan.