Name: Terrence James Read

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2007 Jan 26
Hi TJ,
I would love to get that salmon recipe from you! And for the two sides as well. I have finally got my bf eating fish so I might as well make it good before he gets turned off again!


2006 Dec 12
Mono sucks. I had it when I was about 15 too. All I could keep down for about 2 weeks was ginger ale. To this day I have a strong adversion to giner ale. Hope you feel better sonn - it took me about 2 weeks to recover.

Take care!

2006 Dec 11
Welcome to the site, Terrence. Let me know if any conspiracy-theorists start bugging you and I'll tell them off for you, okay? :-)

I have to admit my first reaction on seeing you here was "Sure, a fifteen-year-old experienced cook working at TJ Pagoda's and his name is... TJ. Right..."

But I've convinced myself that you're genuine, so let's go with that. You've got one heck of a head start on your career so kudos to you! A 100,000 BTU burner must be awesome to wok on -- I heard some Chinese restaurant kitchens have 200,000+ BTU and it's like cooking on an upturned F-16 jet engine afterburner. Whoooeee! (And I thought my range was all right with 14,000 BTU per burner.)

I hope you feel better soon!