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A thin pancake, which originated in the western region of France. There are two kinds: sweet, made with wheat flour, and savory (also called 'galettes'), usually made with buckwheat flour.

CrÍpes at Crepella
CrÍpes at Maison Chalouin
CrÍpes at L'Argošt
Where to get CrÍpes

2006 Sep 24
Okay I found it.."Authentic French Crepes" Thanks _Andrea! Now Candice can go visit and report back on the savoury ones. ;-)

2006 Sep 24
There is a place on Main Street in Stittsville. I dont know the exact address or the exact name of it. It has Crepes in the name. I went there just over a year ago and really enjoyed it. But I still didnt find it the exact same as the ones I had in France.

2006 Sep 24
I have searched the Ottawa area and cannot seem to find anywhere that serves good quality savory crepes. I have been craving them pretty well since we returned from our honeymoon in France back in July! Anyone out there have any recommendations?





2010 Oct 20
what can i say except........oooooooooh my god
i love there chocolate crepes with these wonderfull fruits topping and especely the stawberry juice yummy yummy thank tiya for taking me there i ll defenitly go back tomorrow if i still have place lol


2010 Apr 8
Crepella is a wonderfull little place that I visited a few times now. We stoped at Crepella for lunch this Easter long weekend, and I was once again so impressed with their service and the freshness and quality of their food and ingreadients (the crapes are made right in front of you to order).

I had the Crepe Michel - which is a savory crepe filled with chicken, cheese, and lots of fresh lettuce,avocado and tomato. Delish!

Our crapes were so good that our group had to try the Monique for dessert - it was filled with sweet custered, strawberries, and bannanas and topped with caramel sauce and powdered sugar. It was amazing, and the owner was nice enough to provide us with a side of achta(a mix of yogurt,cashews, pistachios,almonds).

Needless to say, I will be returning.

2009 Mar 8
They serve cheese crÍpes for lunch too, and they're quite good.

This one is called 'Sťductrice' and is stuffed with Roquefort, Camembert and goat cheese; extremely tasty.


2008 Aug 25
Came here for brunch on Sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed their Ham, Asparagus and Cheese crepes. They have only a few choices, but the woman serving us said that they can mix and match ingredients, as well as what they may have on hand for other specials. At $6 for the order, plus a few dollars for coffee, it was a pretty good deal and well enjoyed.



2009 Jul 5
I wouldn't go to Cora's for the crepes. Trust me, I've tried them twice. They get soggy too quickly and they generally use frozen fruit (like the blueberries). If you want Crepes, go to pure gelato. There is also a new creperie that opened up downtown, I think on bank street...I'm pretty anxious to check that out.

2008 Apr 14
By far the best thing at Cora's is either the Waffles or the Crepes!
These things are HUGE! Even the kiddie portions are enough to fill me. They come with many different types of fruit inside, and sauces too. I never get tired of these crepes. My favourite is the strawberry-banana with chocolate! Yummm.
The Raspberries for Lucy (Yummy cream cheese & Raspberry Waffle) is runner up.




2009 Nov 12
I had some sort of chocolate banana crepe. Took maybe 5, 7 minutes to make on a quiet afternoon but was well worth it.
Very friendly staff. Will be coming back again!

2009 Jun 9
I had no idea that crepes were served here, so when I found out from ottawafoodies that they did my friend and I decided to pay a visit! I was tired but I thank God she dragged me out of the house because those crepes were the bomb! I had the bacio dessert crepe with bacio gelato, hazelnuts and chocolate sauce and she had the banana chocolate crepe with chocolate gelato! Both were incredible and we have now decided to go back for our sunday brunches...although I may have to go back sooner than that :) (dessert crepes are around $9-$10 dollars).

They have cheaper crepes too like the sugar and lemon or rasberry crepe...and they also have crepe meal/sandwiches (e.g. cheese and ham or something along those lines).

The service was great too - they were great at making recommendations.

2006 Oct 8
The crepes at the Avant Garde Bar on Besserer are okay. Just don't order the cheese plate there...when I had it it came with dry saltines, yuck. If I'd known I'd have brought my own bread with me!


2007 Mar 16
After our Thai meal at Maison Samorn, we walked up to this lovely crepe restaurant. I've heard so much about it and finally I made it there.

This is La Williamine dessert crepe...bits of pear on the inside and chestnuts (jeez, now I can't remember if it was hazelnuts or chestnuts...), icing sugar, and creme anglaise on top. HEAVEN ON EARTH! The other 3 had boozy flambee ones which I can't remember the names of but I'll describe them:
-banana, chocolate, rum flambee
-citrusy...lemon, orange, and some sort of liquor flambee

We all tried each others and everyone agreed mine was the star of the night. Descriptive words that were floating around while we were indulging were: delicious, sensual, decadent, light...MMMM!

All four crepes, 2 coffees, 1 espresso, and one herbal tea came to $50.99 before tip. Absolutely delicious and I can't wait to go back in the summer to hang out in that area on the patios!

2006 Sep 26
The sweet ones include perfect combinations of bananas and chocolate flambťed with rum, blueberries, chestnuts, pears, cheeses etc.

But it's the savoury ones that blew me away. I believe at certain times of the year some crÍpes feature viandes sauvages (game) like caribou. My favourite (naturally) was the Saucisse Obelix.

Everything I tried was delicious and filling (this last point is very important for a crÍpe as I'm often left wanting more).