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2016 Jul 8
I have been to Cora's In Montreal in their original restaurant and have been going regularly to the one on St. Laurent since September for a monthly luncheon meeting.

Great service although sometimes if they have someone new serving or in the kitchen, you may have to ask for something to be straightened out. The General Manager at St. Laurent is very customer oriented and provides great customer service when you try to resolve some issues.

I like their lunch menu and often have their quiche of the day or omelette of the day since I am sometimes late when I arrive and those are nice and quick. They come with both roasted potatoes and a grain salad as well as a choice of tomato juice, soup or dessert for $8.50 or $9 respectively so a great value.

2012 Dec 21
Rideau Street - December 8, 2012

Cora’s, I only just discovered, is a chain of restaurants (currently celebrating 25 years in operation) that has 147 restaurants across Canada. Thus far, however, I have never been in one and the only one I have really noticed was the one on Rideau St. in downtown Ottawa which was visible from my hotel room during this last visit to the capital. One morning, during my stay, I decided to give it a try for brunch…

The Meal ... 'The Gargantuan Feast'

I had a great, and very filling breakfast at Cora’s for a decent price and was treated very well in pleasant surroundings. It is easy to see how the place has managed to become so popular with its patrons and I would happily return. Rating 4 out of 5:

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2012 Aug 7
Cora's on AltaVista is so not worth going to. They frequently get our meals wrong and blame you for it. The service is also horrible. It's almost impossible to get the waiter/waitress to come refill your coffee, even when it's not busy.

On the most recent visit, we had informed the waitress that I am allergic to an ingredient included in the sandwich , only to get a rude reply that she would try to ensure that the cooks do not include the ingredient. In what world do you TRY to get the chef to not include an ingredient someone is allergic to? You should make it's CRYSTAL clear to the chef that there is an allergy. In the end, the sandwich came with the ingredient, thankfully I had checked before eating, or that would not have been a pretty scene. If you want good food and good service, avoid cora's on altavista. I have not been back since and don't plan on ever stepping foot in the place. You're better off trying you luck at the st-laurent location, or at another breakfast joint.

2010 Jul 18
I have only been to the St Laurent Cora's location however, after several dissappointing visits, I will not be going back again unless dragged. The food is ok, but a little pricey for the service and the quality and atmosphere. ($40.00 for 2 people for breakfast) I find the Hostesses are great but the warm service seems to stop there. The waiters seem apathetic (maybe it's the high turnover)

I also don't get why they insist on filling the empty space on your plate with random veggies and and fruit. Is it supposed to be a side or a decoration? I got a lettuce leaf, a slice of not so fresh pineapple and a wedge of honeydew melon with my order of crepes...If it's a decoration, put some effort into it and make it look appealing. If it's suposed to be a side, I don't see how this combo enhances my meal.

Anyway, I know lot's of people rave about Cora's and good for them. However, I think the place is a confusing concept and am done trying to get it. If I want to pay this much I will go to a hotel brunch and get nice presentation etc, and if I want a fast breakfast, I will go to a diner. I will try and avoid any further return visits and take my breakfast biz somewhere else.

2010 Feb 21
Very dissapointed.

I found the coffee to be completely watered down. The place seemed to be totally disorganized and unwelcoming, I had to steal creamers from another table since no one brought any to our table.

The food was just ok. The portions are pretty big.

Some staff were already starting to clean the place while customers were there.

2009 Jul 5
To me, Cora's is overhyped. I find alot of their food bland and unsatisfying, but then again, I'm not big on breakfast. Everything I've eaten there, except the waffles, I've ended up leaving on the plate - i.e. the tuna sandwich, that crepe wrap sandwich, homefries (yuck - greasy and mushy), eggs benedict (most disgusting hollandaise sauce ever), and the crepe panini. On a good note, I like their fresh fruit smoothies (sadly, though, they don't serve freshly squeezed orange juice which would be a big plus in my books. I think the grapefruit juice is, though).

My parents go there every weekend so, Cora's is obviously doing something right. It's just not for me.

2009 May 7
Fruit is one of my favourite things, but I always get the sense that Cora's just throws a whack of it on any dish in order to cheap out on other ingredients. For example, last time I went, I got the strawberry waffle. There was a mountain of strawberries, but virtually no custard, and it was pretty dry. My friend got a crepe with cream cheese, and we found what amounted to about a teaspoon back in one corner of the folded crepe and virtually no more anywhere else.

Indeed, the last four times or so that I've gone (St. Laurent location), I wound up disappointed. I think that's it for me when it comes to Cora.

2008 Jun 6
I actually like the coffee at Coras... it's nice and robust, not tim hortons watery-weird crap.

by far the best thing on the menu is the crepeomlettes. So delicious. Also worth mentioning are the potatoes (nicely done, fresh - not frozen, panfried - not deep fried) and the fruit that comes with nearly every dish.

My mom requests to go every time she's visiting from out of town.

2007 Sep 20
FYI don't go here if you're expecting the usual '2 eggs, bacon/ham/sausage, and homefries' type breakfast. People seem to forget this isn't their specialty .

As much as I like their fruit platters, I hate paying $10+ for a plate of fruit I could easily carve up at home so I usually stick with their omellettes. Portions are very large and accomodating. Service is great at the Merivale location - there's usually a lineup outside the door, but it moves quickly (I suspect they engineered it this way, the ol' hotspot nightclub trick). Great toast.

2007 Jul 28
Had breakfast this morning at the Merivale location. Coffee was a little too strong but that's my only complaint. I will order a latte or cappuccino next time. I took Fat Cat's advice and ordered the spinach crepomlette - YUM. My orange juice was a generous portion, freshly-squeezed and delicious.

Service was impeccable. Our server came by to check on us 4 or 5 times, kept our coffee cups full, and quickly brought sweetener and milk when we asked for it (usually our request for sweetener and milk is forgotten at other restaurants).

For countless coffees, one orange juice, a crepomlette (with generous portion of lovely fruit) and a joe-something (boyfriend had bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast) we spent $24 + tip.

I know Cora's is a chain but I would venture to say that this a chain that appeals to the foodie in the wild.







2009 Jul 5
I wouldn't go to Cora's for the crepes. Trust me, I've tried them twice. They get soggy too quickly and they generally use frozen fruit (like the blueberries). If you want Crepes, go to pure gelato. There is also a new creperie that opened up downtown, I think on bank street...I'm pretty anxious to check that out.

2008 Apr 14
By far the best thing at Cora's is either the Waffles or the Crepes!
These things are HUGE! Even the kiddie portions are enough to fill me. They come with many different types of fruit inside, and sauces too. I never get tired of these crepes. My favourite is the strawberry-banana with chocolate! Yummm.
The Raspberries for Lucy (Yummy cream cheese & Raspberry Waffle) is runner up.

2016 Jul 8
I have often had Quiche of the day which is usually 1/4 of a quiche with roasted potatoes, salad with a choice of Soup or dessert when I come to Cora's on St. Laurent for a monthly luncheon and it is a great value at $8.50.

I needed something for a sympathy gift and did not want to drive all the way to life of pie or somewhere else and a supermarket one does not cut the mustard and it is a little too hot to bake right now so asked when I was paying for lunch at Cora's on Thursday if I can buy a whole quiche to takeout. The cashier said no but I was thinking about it when I got home and decided to call the general manager Aaron Walker with whom I had communicated by email a while back and he made it happen.

you can order off menu a whole quiche customized to what you want from ingredients they have with 1-1.5 hour notice for $9.99+HST under register code for Cora Meat Pie which they sell Tourtiere type meat pie during the holidays. I ordered ham, mushroom, asparagus and swiss for mine and actually bought 2, one for the gift and the other for my parents for dinner Thursday night and lunch Friday..

If you time it well, the quiche will be fresh and hot when you pick it up before 3pm so I may not have to cook quiche again lol.

2018 Nov 12
I had the Western omelette at the Richmond Road Cora’s this week-end. Having been to almost all of the Coras in Ottawa, this is my favourite. The food quality is most consistent and fresh based on my many visits. The Western omelette was fluffy and big too. The toast that came with the meal was nicely crisp on the edges.