Quiche at Loblaws
Quiche at Bread & Sons Bakery
Where to get Quiche

2007 Feb 17
Bread and Sons' broccoli-green-onion quiche. On the thin side. Nice crust.

2007 Apr 4
If a lack of snobbery can be forgiven for a moment, I'm a big fan of this President's Choice five-cheese frozen deal. Nice and creamy...


2016 Jul 8
I have often had Quiche of the day which is usually 1/4 of a quiche with roasted potatoes, salad with a choice of Soup or dessert when I come to Cora's on St. Laurent for a monthly luncheon and it is a great value at $8.50.

I needed something for a sympathy gift and did not want to drive all the way to life of pie or somewhere else and a supermarket one does not cut the mustard and it is a little too hot to bake right now so asked when I was paying for lunch at Cora's on Thursday if I can buy a whole quiche to takeout. The cashier said no but I was thinking about it when I got home and decided to call the general manager Aaron Walker with whom I had communicated by email a while back and he made it happen.

you can order off menu a whole quiche customized to what you want from ingredients they have with 1-1.5 hour notice for $9.99+HST under register code for Cora Meat Pie which they sell Tourtiere type meat pie during the holidays. I ordered ham, mushroom, asparagus and swiss for mine and actually bought 2, one for the gift and the other for my parents for dinner Thursday night and lunch Friday..

If you time it well, the quiche will be fresh and hot when you pick it up before 3pm so I may not have to cook quiche again lol.