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2016 Sep 28
Veggie omelette with added bacon was flavourful and not dry. Most omelettes in town are on the dry side. This tasted like something I could have made on my cast iron pan.


2007 Feb 24
This is the Granny's Country Omelette ($9.29) my husband ordered. Wrapped inside are diced ham, onions, chedder cheese, celery and green peppers. Also served with 3 buttermilk pancakes and hash browns.

2018 Nov 12
I had the Western omelette at the Richmond Road Cora’s this week-end. Having been to almost all of the Coras in Ottawa, this is my favourite. The food quality is most consistent and fresh based on my many visits. The Western omelette was fluffy and big too. The toast that came with the meal was nicely crisp on the edges.