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In Québécois cuisine, cretons (Sometimes gorton or corton, especially among New Englanders of Quebecois origin) are a meat spread. It is made of ground pork, onions and spices. Due to its fatty texture and taste, it resembles French rillettes. Cretons are usually served on toast, as part of a traditional Québécois breakfast.

Where to get Cretons

2007 Feb 5
The cretons at Cora's are pretty authentic, and to me, pretty good.

My most favourite food show, L'épicerie, did a taste test on cretons a few years ago. If you can read French, check out the page linked to below; it explains how cretons are made, and you can even watch some video.


The outcome of the taste test was that most people prefer the Lafleur brand, closely followed by the Norel brand. Lafleur is ubiquitous in Quebec supermarkets, so you could probably get some in Gatineau. I wouldn't put it passed Cora's to make their own cretons, but they're probably serving Lafleurs...

2007 Feb 4
I know Cora's (various locations) does have Cretons on the menu. Though I have eaten them here and they tasted good, I'm not sure how good/bad/authentic they are in comparison to other cretons because I've only had them here and had never heard of them before I moved to Ottawa.


2007 Feb 7
This is where I purchase my cretons. You can find it at the deli counter. Not sure if they have them out anywhere so you'll need to ask for it like you do coldcuts.


2011 May 6
You can now get cretons at House of Cheese at their newly revamped pâté section. It is now much smaller but they seem to offer superior pâtés compared to what was offered before. The cretons alone will bring me back to the House of Cheese over and over again.