This vendor no longer exists!

Viva Loca's objective is to showcase, promote and sell local fine foods and quality gift products.

They also offer a selection of home-cooked light meals for dining in or taking out in our café.

Foods from Viva Loca

2012 Oct 26
I write about spots and don't always send them out was hot and summer for me (july- Sept) Sorry for the timing...

2012 Oct 26
Just wondering how you ate there in September when they closed up shop in early August? Do they have a new location? If they do their website has not been updated.

2012 Oct 26
Popped in here on a hot lunch hour in September. We wanted something light, not too filling. Like others have noted it is a big open space, not much atmosphere but the air conditioning was working and there were a few selections that appealed. There were 2 daily soups-I asked about both, ordered soup and got the first one (sweet potato maple) not the one I thought I wanted (tomato basil). Totally my fault-Didn’t specify just ordered the soup! The other order was the chicken Caesar salad. It really was delicious and the dressing was fairly light (some yogurt?), lots of nicely grilled seasoned chicken breast but my companion wished he had ordered the small size vs. large. The large was huge! (I ate his leftovers for supper-wilted romaine and all it was still good albeit salty.) The soup was absolutely delicious and was served with 2 toasted slices of yummy, seedy, herby bread. Prices were ok. “Our menu includes a selection of healthy, wholesome choices.” Yes the items included wholesome ingredients but both of us thought our choices were way, way too salty, our only complaint. Baked goods looked delicious and there was quiche, paninis, other salads also. Service was friendly and quick. Good for a wander in but unless I lived/worked in the ‘hood or was attending a production I would probably choose somewhere else to meet for a halfway lunch.

2011 Jan 13
We stopped by for breakfast one morning in December. I had been to the previous location near Richmond/Churchill before. Not a huge fan of the new location.. the seating set-up just doesn't feel totally comfortable within the sprawling GCTC lobby, but I guess it does the trick.

I had an omelette, they had pancakes. Both were pretty good and well-made.. don't know what more to say!

I seem to remember the original location having more menu options available.. but I'm not sure. I think there's enough on offer, but a little more selection wouldn't hurt.

2009 Jan 24
Liza Blue, in complete agreement with your review: VL can, i'm sure, tweak the place (and food) for just a bit more umph. They might be able to survive just on the spillover from Bridgehead, but imo they've got potential / foundation for more than that.

Perhaps it would create too many hurdles, but this is exactly the sort of place i'd like to see augment their regular biz. by staying open later and selling one or two craft-ish beers not readily available elsewhere. With its exposed brick and artsy interior, big windows, etc., VL would be a nice place to relax, sip & enjoy a light meal while reading a paper, etc.

2009 Jan 24
Could be a dynamite cafe. Should be a go-to destination when shopping in Westboro.

We had a couple of sandwiches. Unfortunately neither sandwich packed much flavor so we won't be back here to eat but to have coffee.

Too many gift items.

Perhaps they should sub-let half the store to a really good baker and bake their own breads and have a good variety of muffins, cookies and loaves with special order cakes.

Then they could really concentrate on creating memorable soups and sandwiches and brunches.

2008 Aug 25
Discovered this new place last month and have been coming here once in a while for morning coffees. Coffee is fair trade (hurray!), their products are mostly fair-trade and/or from the 100-mile radius.

They try really hard. Maybe too hard, but maybe it's because they know they are competing with big names (Starbucks, Bridgehead), but they have some pretty nice artwork and other gift ideas that I will be checking up on closer to the holidays. It's refreshing to see a local-focused entrepreneur in the area, and I hope that they succeed!


2008 Aug 25
Came here for brunch on Sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed their Ham, Asparagus and Cheese crepes. They have only a few choices, but the woman serving us said that they can mix and match ingredients, as well as what they may have on hand for other specials. At $6 for the order, plus a few dollars for coffee, it was a pretty good deal and well enjoyed.