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A genuine crÍperie in the Brittany tradition. A full menu of sweet and savoury treats that make for a complete meal or just dessert with a drink. Mellow, contemporary but traditionally accented environment.

Located at 39A rue Laval in Gatineau.

CrÍpes at L'Argošt
Foods from L'Argošt

2008 Aug 26
Yupp, I had the same sad affair...

I tried to go here for lunch with some friends.
Def closed closed closed.
I heard the Crepes were pretty good too :(

2008 Jul 17
Went by this place today on the way to lunch and it is now closed.

2007 Feb 19
I went here for lunch with a coworker, and was disappointed. I started with the soup appetizer, which was carrot. The best I can say is that it tasted like carrot. There was no spice, and presentation was minimal (would've been nice to have some sour cream, or a sprig of parsley). Perhaps it is unreasonable expectation, but I want my carrot soup to taste different than just warm carrot puree. For the main course I had the eponymous L'Argoat crepe, with beef and wild mushrooms. It also was tasteless. Yes, the beef tasted a little like beef, and the mushrooms like mushrooms, but it was quite underwhelming. I had expected the dish to be spicy (not hot, but flavourful), savoury, or 'rich' (as in fat-ilicious) and it was none of these. The dessert crepe was banana flambee, and it was good, but underwhelming again in that I expect a crepe place to have good dessert crepes. The ambience was great, and the service was good as well, but I don't think I'll go back.

2007 Feb 12
Went here for our usual Friday night din and it was great!! The atmosphere was dark and moody and candlelit. Very intimate space but not on top of each other. Nice French music in the background and the excellent warm service was appreciated.

We started with the turnip soup which was broth based, subtly flavoured and well balanced. The consistency was still thick without being heavy.

For the main, I had the boar sausage with caramelized onions served in the traditional blť noir crepe. There was absolutely no sauce on this and it didn't need any what so ever. The tangy, savoury flavour of the sausage with the sweet taste of the onion was a perfect marriage, and didn't go too badly with the bottle of Pinot that we drank.

My sister-in-law had the hunters platter with the same boar, elk tenderloin and ostrich. She enjoys her game and this was no different.

The boys each had the signature L'Argoat crepe with tenderloin in a brown sauce. They enjoyed theirs as well.

We of course had to have dessert crepes and all were delicious and the stars of the meal. We accompanied it with a bottle of traditional sparkling cider which was refreshing without the usual sweetness one would expect.

With coffee and tea the bill for each couple came to a reasonable $100 with tax. Not bad for 3 courses each and 2 bottles.

The only thing I wasn't too keen on was the plain-jane salad that was served with all meals. A choice on what the side was would have been nice.

All in all, a very memorable hop into Brittany and we will return again.

2007 Jan 17
Recently I was in this creperie for a lunch. It's a very nice place (the interior design has a lot of character: a mix of art deco and dada in a Quebec style). Their savoury crepes are really delicious. Everything was fresh and tasty. All the beers(I drunk even a maple beer brewed in Quebec for the first time!) and the wines were good as well as the service. The staff was great.

2006 Sep 26
This place is an awesome little escape north of the River. Perfect for dinner out with friends or just dessert with a sweetie. The chef and staff sometimes struggle with their english -- always a good sign when looking for authentic ethnic food. Excellent soups, salads, wine, drinks and of course the crÍpes!


2007 Mar 16
After our Thai meal at Maison Samorn, we walked up to this lovely crepe restaurant. I've heard so much about it and finally I made it there.

This is La Williamine dessert crepe...bits of pear on the inside and chestnuts (jeez, now I can't remember if it was hazelnuts or chestnuts...), icing sugar, and creme anglaise on top. HEAVEN ON EARTH! The other 3 had boozy flambee ones which I can't remember the names of but I'll describe them:
-banana, chocolate, rum flambee
-citrusy...lemon, orange, and some sort of liquor flambee

We all tried each others and everyone agreed mine was the star of the night. Descriptive words that were floating around while we were indulging were: delicious, sensual, decadent, light...MMMM!

All four crepes, 2 coffees, 1 espresso, and one herbal tea came to $50.99 before tip. Absolutely delicious and I can't wait to go back in the summer to hang out in that area on the patios!

2006 Sep 26
The sweet ones include perfect combinations of bananas and chocolate flambťed with rum, blueberries, chestnuts, pears, cheeses etc.

But it's the savoury ones that blew me away. I believe at certain times of the year some crÍpes feature viandes sauvages (game) like caribou. My favourite (naturally) was the Saucisse Obelix.

Everything I tried was delicious and filling (this last point is very important for a crÍpe as I'm often left wanting more).