Foods from Natural Food Pantry

2010 Nov 20
I like Natural Food Pantry-the only issue I really have is that their system for buying gift cards-the staff do not know how to redeem those or swipe them yet.
Bought a card from the Ottawa Citizen online auction and went to the store to redeem that-what a hassle, took over 30 minutes to activate my card.

then bought a few things and...took another ten minutes and three people who were "arguing" with each other to figure out how to cash my card (it is like a swipe card w a balance on it).

Next time go to buy more items this week (card is for $200) and the two ladies there can not figure out how to swipe my card "out computer system is down".

Then same employee says "I think your card has no balance".
Which is impossible as it is a $200 card and I spent less than $10 so far.

In the book at the cash with the gift card numbers- someone wrote down $3.99 beside my name because that was what my purchase was the other time their system was not working.
So the next time I came in a lady who was not familiar at all with their book and system tells me she thinks it means I have a $3.99 balance?

This is kind of annoying and makes me wish the employees at Billings had better training for the cash and computer systems.

Another thing that put me off last week was that while I was shopping-two employees at the cash were having some kind of argument or personal disagreement and were yelling at each other quite loudly- it made it really uncomfortable for me to browse the store and hear two such angry people.
-I think it probably made in quite awkward for anyone else who was shopping then too (evening time,so there was maybe 10 customers in the store).

I still like the Natural Food Pantry and the location in the mall carries a lot of items Indepentent Bilings does not have.
So I still plan on doing some shopping there.

2010 Oct 24
I've frequented the new Natural Foods Pantry twice since it opened in Westboro (next to Swiss Pastries). I have to say, thusfar, the reviews are mixed.

The first time I went, it was their opening day and the weather was gorgeous. They were outside doing promotional giveaways, and offered to hang out with my dog while I shopped. I found the selection of bulk foods good enough to keep me from crossing the street to Loblaws.

The second time, I was in search of some bulk goods, but was also keen to see if they had eggs, butter, cream cheese, and other things for baking.

Sure enough, they had eggs and butter, but they did not have cream cheese. I was told that their delivery comes on Mondays and that they had run out. This was disappointing, really and the staff wasn't apologetic, even when I mentioned that if I was going to have to go to Loblaws for the cream cheese, why not just go there for all of it? The other thing that irks me a little is that they require you to wear gloves when scooping from the bulk bins. Their theory is that if your hand touches the scoop and the scoop touches the food, your hand is touching the food. Seems a bit of a stretch in my mind and a waste of plastic (especially since you have to change gloves for each product, lest you contaminate the quinoa flour with residue from wheat flour).

I see myself shopping here in a pinch, or coming by for Beking's eggs, which they sell (particularly if Piggy Market is out). But, I was hoping this would be a convenient little spot...which it has turned out not to be.

2010 Sep 9
Actually the Natural Food Pantry stopped using Art-is-in Bakery breads in 2008, none of her stores carry the bread.

2009 Oct 1
Does anyone know if they actually sell Art-is-in bread at the Kanata location?

2008 Mar 5
I shop at both the Byward Market and Billings Bridge locations quite frequently, and am always able to find quite a few things to fill up my bag. Both locations have attentive and knowledgeable staff. Such a better alternative then shopping at the big box stores.

2006 Dec 8
Oh, sorry Corneggs. I actually just hate the taste of spelt, even in bread. I've never even tried the spelt samosas because of my aversion to spelt. I'm also pretty firm in my preferences. I'll pick out the fried samosas first and if there aren't very many I'll buy some of the baked ones too.

2006 Dec 8
Well, I got day-olds for 70 cents. They usually sell for under a dollar.

Mousseline, what's wrong with the spelt ones? I actually prefer those.

2006 Dec 7
How cheap is cheap? Samosas *at* Haveli are quite pricey at around $3 or $4 a pair. They charged about 75 cents each for them several years ago at the Allspice Superstore (next door to the Bells Corners Haveli) -- although I heard from Indian friends that this is the "white man price." :-)

I picked up good Samosas for 50 cents each at the Super Sweet Mart on Rochester just the other day.

2006 Dec 7
They get them from Haveli (I've asked). I like these samosas so much that if I spy only 5 or 6 in the basket I'll buy them all, so that the people behind me in line are SOL. Just not the spelt ones. I don't even consider spelt pastry edible.

The nice folks at NFP will also order things in specially for you. I get 1 kg blocks of lactose-free mozzarella and lactose-free cheddar there.

2006 Dec 7
Their samosas are good and cheap. They must get them from somewhere though.


2008 Sep 19
$4.99. They're in the back corner near the bottom of one of the fridges. They have both extracted bean or podded form.