An Indian grocer located in the West end of Ottawa near Bayshore. They offer a variety of pickles, spices, sauces, fresh herbs (coriander, mint, curry leaves, etc), dried herbs (just about every herb & spice under the sun), cosmetic products, prepared meals, naan, chapati, pappadum, jaggery, asafoetida, CDs, DVDs, they've got it all!

Vaishali's Super Store
Pulses at Vaishali's Super Store
Foods from Vaishali's Super Store

Jul 19
AD_2, I used these dried curry leaves to make aloo masala and their flavour carried through very well.

I noticed Vaishali's also had fresh curry leaves in the fridge but I opted for the dried ones for practicality. Interesting to know that you can freeze the fresh ones successfully. Thanks!

Jul 18
Looking for a store like this downtown/east. Anyone know one?

Jul 18
How are the curry leaves from Vaishali's? I usually buy mine from Lim Bangkok, pick the leaves off the branches, wash then freeze them. Looks like a lot of the work has been done already with these curry leaves, but perhaps there's a sacrifice in taste or longevity or something?

Jul 18
It's hard to beat the spice and Indian ingredient selection here. And they're well set up for Covid! The counter has a full plexiglass shield with an opening for scanning products and the payment terminal is easily accessible for tapping. The cashier even put on fresh gloves to handle my purchases.

Of course the aisles are tight and cramped but I was the only customer for a good 10 minutes on Saturday morning so it was pretty comfy.

2008 Oct 25
Although (because?) it is cramped, I like this store as it represents everything an ethnic grocery should be. Loads of interesting products crammed into a relatively small space. It's like a little piece of India was carved off and shipped over to Ottawa.

They have a very good selection of those addictive spicy fried chick pea flour snacks. Yum yum!

Jalebi 3


2011 Jul 30
I can't speak to the quality, but the selection here is incredible -- probably the largest I've seen in Ottawa. Sorry about the fuzzy picture, but it gives you a good idea of the variety.

2010 Aug 13
- Be very careful as many products in the Vishali store is expired
- I bought few products which went straight into garbage.
- Being an indian and no Indian store close enough I got no choice to get some indian spices from there. I try my best to avoid this store.
- Super inflated prices
- Vishali also sells many Piarated movies.

There is another Shrilankan store just behind Vishali which keeps most of the indian stuff.


2008 Oct 25
I bought some as they were delivered to the store fresh (still warm) while I was there. Good pastry and flavour, with a welcoming spice level. Certainly some of the better ones I've had. They come from the Little India Cafe next door.