This vendor no longer exists!

Located across from the Coliseum movie theatre right next to Shawarma Shack.

India Bazaar
Foods from India Bazaar

2008 Feb 18
They were up agaisnt a well entrenced competitor, just down the street, Vaishali's Super Store Ltd.

Vaishali's was the very first Indian Grocery store I was ever in. It was 1984/5.

I still play the Indian Clasiical records , yes records (as in LPs) I got that day.

2008 Feb 18
Unfortunately they have closed.

2008 Jan 11
"packaged rice dish" - I can't remember exactly what it was called, but it came in a box with a tasty looking picture, and it cost two bucks for two servings' worth! It was DELICIOUS!!!!!! Good deal. I'm going back to get ten more of them.. they come in all different kinds.

2007 Jan 19
I popped into this new grocery store for 10 minutes while waiting for a bus and it's great! Much cleaner and tidier than any other South Asian grocery store I've seen. It is staffed by really friendly people. Not the largest store of its kind but they have all the basics. I picked up some of their good selection of spicy fried chickpea flour snacks.

In addition to the usual grocery items they rent out Bollywood movies and sell some hot food. If you find yourself near Bayshore/Carling area pop in and check it out.


2007 Jan 19
The vegetable samosas here are awesome! They are 75 cents apiece, have good flavour, quite a bit of spiciness and are less greasy than is the norm.