Al's Diner
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Al's Diner
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Al's Diner
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Al's Diner
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2016 Oct 15
Got the delicious Alís Deluxe Omelette during my 3rd visit. Service was terrible during my 1st two visits, but this time it was excellent.

2010 Jan 10
If you're ever in the mood for a "greasy spoon" sort of breakfast, it's hard to go wrong with Al's - especially for the price.

Walk-in and seat yourself (if you can find a table!)


2016 Feb 3
This is the best breakfast I've had in town. Service is fast and efficient and everything is exactly what you would expect from a bacon and eggs breakfast. 8 dollars with taxes included for bacon (or sausage/ham), awesome greasy homefries, toast and coffee. Can't find that too many places anymore, much better than the expensive breakfast places I've been too on Elgin and Wellington/Richmond (Baker Street is awesome but I don't like waiting in lines) and cheaper, no complaints here!

2015 Jul 22
This is my favourite cheap breakfast in town. The quality of everything is perfectly decent, and it's the only place I know that doesn't gouge you for a pancake. This is Al's Big Hit -- a full two-egg one-meat breakfast with potatoes, toast, and coffee PLUS a pancake with butter and syrup, for $7.95. I may have paid an extra fifty cents to get an English muffin instead of toast. Gladly!

2012 Feb 16
Very decent and well assembled breakfast in this hopping establishment.

2012 Jan 8
Al's Big Breakfast