Jjigae 2
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A Korean stew, often spelled "chigae", that is typically spicy and bubbly hot when served. The most common is Soon Dubu (Tofu), also written Sundubu.

Jjigae at Alirang Restaurant
Jjigae at Le Kim Chi
Jjigae at Bulgogi Garden
Jjigae at Miga
Where to get Jjigae

2007 Oct 28
The Soon Doo Boo Chi Gae (sundubu chigae) is a very spicy soft tofu soup, graced with pork and clams. I ordered this because I wanted to compare against the one I had at Miga. Quite spicy and pretty good but I preferred Miga's version, which was spicier with more depth of flavour and slightly less tofu.

Like Miga's, this was served still boiling vigorously. Quite exciting!




2007 Jan 7
Wow! Your picture captured the steam coming out from the soup.

2007 Jan 7
I followed Duckfat's recommendation and ordered the Sundubu Chigae. It arrived still boiling, and continued to bubble vigorously for a good 3 or 4 minutes!

The flavour was nice and very spicy indeed! So spicy that it might be better as a miso-sized appetizer. That said, I happily finished it and enjoyed the warm afterglow. It comes with a little bowl of steamed rice, which helps extinguish the fire once in a while. Thanks for the recommendation Duckfat!


2010 Jun 9
The Pork Chi Ge was at the very limits of my spice tolerance (as it should be) but it lacked the depth of flavour I've enjoyed at other restaurants. So, it was a bit of a letdown but it still hurt so good!


2013 Oct 7
My bro thoroughly enjoyed his Kimchi Jjigae. Very nicely done.

Alirang has quickly become one of my favourite restaurants in town.