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2013 Jan 4
Went here for the first time today for lunch. The food was fine, but I was underwhelmed.

I had a veggie roll ($8!!!!) and the bulgogi bento box.

The sushi roll had cucumber, red pepper, and radish. For $8, I want a roll the size of my head with lots of avocado, not a small sad loose roll that's gone in 30 seconds.

The bulgogi bento ($10) had, I'd estimate, about two ounces of meat, some veg, rice, and the normal condiments. The beef was lean and tasty, but the amount of food is just short of satisfying.

I also kind of resent that each of us was charged $1 for a single pot of tea shared by the table (small pot for 4 people). Seriously?

We did get the chilled cinnamon drink after the meal. It was indeed delicious.

All in all, the food was fine, amounts a bit on the light side, price a bit on the high side. $24 after tax and tip. That's pho and rolls for two people at Saigon Boy.

2011 Jun 3
An experience like that suggests they aren't using sushi-grade fish (i.e. frozen long enough to kill any parasites). Please consider reporting your experience to Ottawa Public Health:

I've seen live worms crawling on the cod at Costco, but that stuff is meant to be cooked so it's fine. Not okay for sushi and sashimi!

2011 Jun 3
Although the food has always been good, the cleanliness of this restaurant was brought into question during our last visit. This past Tuesday we found a live worm in the sushi boat.

They were quite apologetic and we didn't have to pay for our meal, but this left a very bad taste in our mouths (pun intended) and we will never go back.

2010 Aug 11
We visit Miga periodically, and have enjoyed both the food and service each time - we would not return otherwise. I eat meat, but not fish - and my partner is a veggie. We think the sushi maki - avocado, sweet potato (yam), cucumber is some of the best we have had here in O town. Certainly the best for the price and overall service.

Edamame and miso what you'd hope, same with spring roles (veg and meat choices), good ginger dressing on salads, Bip and Bap good, kimchi good (says my partner, I don't care for kimchi), yam tempura roll good. had other things too, but cannot remember what - suggest to me that they weren't bad! Oh, and has been mentioned- the cold cinnamon tea is awesome.

2010 Jun 23
They sell only junk Korean food.

2009 Sep 29
I had dinner here recently with BF since we were looking for something tasty but close to home. It was very nice - we ended up having an assortment of sushi (the super spicy rolls) which was very fresh and tasty; not to mention lacked those little tempura sprinkles that other places use.

Since they have a different "special" each day we also shared a beef bulgogi with all its assorted condiments (kimchi, potatoes, bean sprouts, etc). We were full and satisfied AND it was their anniversary so they gave us each a set of chopsticks as a parting gift.

Oh and we also had the cold cinnamon sweet tea that FF mentions below - yummy. We'll be back!

2007 Jul 9
Contrary to LiveToEat's blatant speculation, the owners of this establishment have and have had nothing whatsoever to do with Seoul House. They are only in the country a few years and this is their first restaurant.

2007 Jun 29
You know, somehow I recognized the owner of this place. I suppose if you’ve been in Ottawa as long as I have, and eaten at as many restaurants, even though these Koreans all look the same, they start to look the same…

Anyway, I didn’t confirm, but I am sure he was the previous owner of Seoul House. And his kids have grown and started to help.

Lunch was $50 all in for two…That’s pretty expensive in my book, especially for a Korean greasy spoon. Would have been much cheaper at Arum’s, but then my son, who I went with... the sushi fiend, liked the taste at this place better than Arum. And I must say he has more delicate taste than I.

For a place that calls itself Mi Ga, which loosely translated is The House of Taste (or Mi), the miso soup was insipid! I added salt to it! But then I am rough at the edges….

Then we thought we would order two lunch specials, but before that, assuming the portions were small, we thought we would order a soft shell crab appetizer to share ($11.95!). The soft-shell crab was OK to interesting at best. Looked nice, but suspect it was not thawed out properly before deep frying. Smelled fishy. It was a nice crab as in before freezing as you could see the central roe… but for two bites, it was expensive at that price.

Then we had the bulkoki lunch and the sashimi domburi lunch. Presentation was excellent. Explains a lot of the pics from FF. But the taste while being better than Arum was OK. Pretty hard to make minced raw fish taste good. You have to sub with quantity as in Steak Tartare… as opposed to the Koreans that fill with veggies… finely sliced up of course.. Their kimchi was not very good….Arum’s is better...much.... Taste was essentially flat, not spicy. But then I am rough at the edges, right… The other veggies were nice, but nothing to write home about. The beef had a nice taste, my son says better than Arum’s, but Arum’s is in deep trouble because their sizzling plates don’t even sizzle! And they are just down the road

Service was ok... with tea for two, it came to $25 pp for lunch, the portions were small, and I am still hungry…presentation is just not enough and prices are still from the old days of Seoul House... expensive…..

Would I go back... if in the mood for expensive Korean greasy spoon… maybe… but there’s Kwon’s, Seoul House and more…. And for the sushi… my son’s reply was … I would go to all you can eat… it’s a lot cheaper and well…. He’s the expert on sushi….

2007 Mar 17
I was here on Thursday and had the Spicy Tuna Roll; I’m a vegetarian that eats fish occasionally, and I was quite impressed. The service was wonderful, the soup was tasty and a great way to start our meal and my sushi was just spicy enough. Although, there was something crunchy in the sushi that threw me off. I chalk this up to ignorance as I don’t eat sushi that often. Any ideas about what it could be?

I’ve been here in the past and ordered the smoked salmon rolls and would highly recommend them! It comes with mustard sauce which I didn’t really use. Both times, the waitress has brought our table free cinnamon ice tea after our meal and I found this a great compliment to the spicy sushi.

The place is super clean including the washrooms.

2007 Jan 7
Always fans of Korean food, we were eager to visit this place. The Ottawa Express review stated that Miga labels itself as "fine dining" so we tried not to dress like slobs. However, it turns out to be very casual and you could wear anything here. It is also extremely clean and nice inside.

Service was perfect: friendly, attentive and unintrusive. Food arrived to our table swiftly and with good timing. Prices are similar to what you see at standard Japanese restaurants.

My favourite thing about Korean dining is the tasty complimentary side dishes. This time, we received the ubiquitous kimchi, a pickled diced root vegetable, and a cold soba-like sesame flavoured dish. Our only complaint was the miso soup; it didn't have enough salt and only tasted of green onions. Even so, it was a welcome treat.

The green tea was pleasant and mild -- great for soothing our palates when we needed a reprieve from the chili burn of our spicy dishes.

After the meal, we were given complimentary small cups of ice cold sweet cinnamon-flavoured punch. Not that gross artifical cinnamon, but a sort of cold tea that was clearly made by boiling sticks of pure cinnamon. Very nice! Some web research indicates that this is known as Soo Jeong Gwa.

In this photo, you see some of our appetizers: the Tempura appetizer, the Edamame and the Seafood Pancake. We also tried the California Roll, which I thought was pretty good although wifey found the rice to be more dry than usual.

We will return!





2008 Apr 27
I visited Miga Thursday evening and ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap. I've also tried this dish at Seoul House, and definitely thought Miga's was superior. Completely agree with Fresh Foodie's take on the dish. The sesame oil adds a nice flavour, and the vegetables on the top are fresh and the bowl sizzled nicely as it arrived.

You can also order the Bibimbap, which I believe is the exact same dish except without the stone bowl. It is $2 more for the Dolsot Bibimbap, which kind of makes a frugal foodie like myself think about downgrading to save the $2 if that's the only difference. But the crispy rice on the bottom of the bowl is definitely tasty.

2007 Jan 7
The Dolsot Bibimap is very good here! A strong taste of sesame oil permeates the dish and they give you a bottle of spicy sauce that you can squirt in to bring the spice up to just past your comfort level. Presentation is beautiful and memorable.

2006 Nov 21
Quite good. I didn't realise how good until I had more elsewhere a week or two later. Chilled but not refrigerated, and not mushy in the least.



2007 Jan 7
I found the kimchi to be not very spicy, but wifey reassured me that this was only because the soup I was eating was more spicy! :-)

2008 May 7
A coworker of mine's parents own Miga and he just gave me one of these which he could not finish from his lunch. Basically a giant, triangular sushi - it was extremely yummy!

2008 Dec 22
My coworker whose parents own this place brought in a bunch of this today and offered it up to anyone who wanted some. I jumped right on it of course - I'd never had bulgogi before. But moreover, free food! Of course I'll take it! It was extremely yummy and I'd definitely order it myself.


2007 Jan 7
Wow! Your picture captured the steam coming out from the soup.

2007 Jan 7
I followed Duckfat's recommendation and ordered the Sundubu Chigae. It arrived still boiling, and continued to bubble vigorously for a good 3 or 4 minutes!

The flavour was nice and very spicy indeed! So spicy that it might be better as a miso-sized appetizer. That said, I happily finished it and enjoyed the warm afterglow. It comes with a little bowl of steamed rice, which helps extinguish the fire once in a while. Thanks for the recommendation Duckfat!