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Korean seafood and green onion pancake.

Pajeon at Alirang Restaurant
Pajeon at SushiMe
Pajeon at Mugoonghwa Garden
Pajeon at Alirang Restaurant
Pajeon at Le Kim Chi
Pajeon at Bulgogi Garden
Where to get Pajeon

2013 Sep 16
The kimchi pancake at Alirang is also spectacular.

2007 Oct 28
It was pretty good but not as good as Miga's or the one I remember having at Arum. It was also quite overpriced ($9.95). Nice and filling though.


2010 Jun 9
The Pa Jeon (Seafood) was positively scrumptious -- the best I've ever had! It's a hearty appetizer, best shared between two people. Highly recommended!



2017 Jun 4
Seafood Pajeon here is one of my favourite foods ever. Delightfully crispy, toothsomely chewy, and offering alternating mouthfuls of plump shrimp and tasty scallion. So good!

The Mandu (dumplings, see photo inset) were just okay... tasted like ground beef and onion, so pretty boring compared to most Korean foods.

2013 Sep 16
wendy, you can click on the "Location" link under the restaurant name to look up the address. Alirang is at 134 Nelson.

2013 Sep 15
I love taste seafood pancake. I would like to have a try.Where is the address of this Ali rang Restaurant?

2013 Sep 15
The pajeon (seafood pancake) is thick, large, and super tasty here! The only seafood in this one was shrimp, but the flavour profile was right up my alley. Highly addictive.

2014 Nov 19
The Vegetable Pajeon (~$12) was incredibly hearty. We took half of it home with us and enjoyed it later. It's on the greasy side, but I don't really consider that to be a bad thing. :)

2016 Aug 19
I haven't had a lot of pajeon (파전) in my life, but I've loved it so much every time that it's easily in my top ten favourite foods. The Seafood Pancake at SushiMe is loaded with 6 half-shrimp, 6 pieces of surimi, and 3 seared scallops. Every Korean restaurant in Ottawa charges $10 for pajeon. It's the same price here but the ingredients are better, the seafood is more plentiful, and the size is a little smaller.