New Korean BBQ with All You Can Eat BBQ and A la Carte Hot Stone and Bibimbap options

Sushi at Mugoonghwa Garden
Pajeon at Mugoonghwa Garden
Gamjatang at Mugoonghwa Garden
Mugoonghwa Garden
Foods from Mugoonghwa Garden

2014 Nov 19
I came here for lunch with my brother because Alirang Restaurant is closed on Mondays. The owner is friendly and likes to joke around. Prices are a little better than Alirang, and the banchan are more generous (see pic).

There are several bento box choices at lunch time, but we opted for the rich Korean stews. My bro had the Kimchi Jiggae while I had my standby favourite, Gamjatang. Both were flavourful and generous.

I'm more likely to bring my kids here than to Alirang, mostly because the menu is more diverse and contains sushi.

2014 May 6
Went into this restaurant yesterday and was mightily impressed with the portion sizes, flavour and freshness! Everyone in the restaurant seemed to be getting the AYCE option, but my BF and I weren't that hungry so we decided to go a la carte.

Appetizer: We ordered korean sushi (kimbap) as a starter not knowing there'd be complementary miso soup and scallion pancakes. The kimbap was a massivei portion (I think it's 10 pieces for $6) and that could have been a meal on it's own. The pancakes especially were a hit - nice and hot and flavourful. The miso soup had a nice preserved-bean-y kind of tang to it, which I enjoyed. Before we had finished the appetizers, the side dishes (which came included with the mains) came. There was a delicious bean sprout salad in what seemed to be a sesame dressing, a salad of dark greens, a platter of kimchi, and a DELICIOUS (as in, I could and did eat the whole bowl)bowl of sweet potato in a savoury sauce. The table was practically already full and the mains hadn't even arrived yet!

Mains: I ordered the set menu bulgogi beef which came with rice and a tofu soup. The bulgogi was FANTASTIC. Great flavour, nice and hot. My boyfriend couldn't stop stealing it off my plate. The soup was also steaming hot in a stone bowl with a nice flavour that starts of subtle but then develops in your mouth. My boyfriend got a chicken bi bim bap which was great - loved that fried egg on top which just oozed onto everything like a sauce.

Desserts: What dessert? We were so full, we had enough for a full second meal the next day!

All in all, we paid $40 for what ultimately became 2 meals for 2 people so a fantastic deal. Will definitely be going back!

2013 Jun 28
After months of eyeballing the new Korean BBQ that took over the old East Africa Restaurant location, my boyfriend and I finally decided to try it for his birthday. The atmosphere was okay, though I could have done without the Korean game show on the tv and the restaurant patron who was allowing their child to watch what sounded like a movie on a tablet. By and large I like the renovations they have done and the restaurant has potential.

We decided to get the all you can eat BBQ option. We were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was! The bulgogi was extremely good as were the automatically brought appetizers, the korean pancakes, the dumplings, the tofu and the noodles. The only part of the meal we didn't love were the spicy sushi rolls (the only roll we tried) which we found to have too much rice and mayonnaise and random vegetables and not enough fish. The Salmon sushi was delicious with a generous portion of salmon on a smaller bit of rice. We will be back for this great addition to the Sandy Hill restaurant scene.

A side note... I would recommend that they fix the women's bathroom. The problems predate their tenancy, as they existed when it was the East Africa Restaurant, but they should be dealt with.

2014 Nov 19
The Vegetable Pajeon (~$12) was incredibly hearty. We took half of it home with us and enjoyed it later. It's on the greasy side, but I don't really consider that to be a bad thing. :)

2014 Nov 19
This is a satisfying bowl of meaty pork bones and potato chunks, simmered in a deeply flavoured and hearty broth. Excellent value for under $10!

2015 Jul 16
Maki rolls here are of good quality and quantity. My kids loved them -- so this is the perfect Korean restaurant for families who don't all love spicy stews and grilled meat.