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Gamjatang or pork bone soup is a spicy Korean soup made with pork spine, vegetables, green onions, hot peppers and ground wild sesame seeds.

Gamjatang at Alirang Restaurant
Gamjatang at Alirang Restaurant
Gamjatang at Hanahana
Gamjatang at Mugoonghwa Garden
Gamjatang at Alirang Restaurant
Gamjatang at Koreana
Where to get Gamjatang


2009 Feb 19
I would recommend this soup to anyone who likes spicy pork soup. No noodles, just pork spine, wild sesame, cabbage and potato. I love sucking the meat off the vertebra! Here (Koreana) they use fresh cabbage in stead of the more traditional dried cabbage, but it is still very good for $8.95!

[ED: photo taken from Wikipedia page]


2018 Sep 2
Gamgatang with potatoes - nice amount of spiciness. Lots of meat on the bones. This was at the Merivale location which was bright and nicely decorated.

2017 Jun 4
Gamjatang goodness! Still amazing. 감자탕 👌

2013 Oct 7
Loads of succulent, fall-off-the-bone stewed pork in a delectable spicy-rich broth! I opted for the rice cakes as I'd never tried them before. I can imagine these soft and gummy ear-plug-like cylinders would be a nostalgic pleasure for some, but I think the potato option would be more to my taste.

Top marks for flavour and meat content!

2014 Nov 19
This is a satisfying bowl of meaty pork bones and potato chunks, simmered in a deeply flavoured and hearty broth. Excellent value for under $10!

2014 Dec 8
So thrilled to have good Korean food near where I work!! The gamjatang (pork bone soup) for $9.95 was flavourful and chock full of tender neck meat on the bone. The broth was a little less spicy than I've had elsewhere, but that's probably to be expected in a suburban strip mall.

The lady who served me was very nice and gave me a complimentary sampler plate of assorted maki and gimbap. All very fresh and tasty.

This is primarily set up as a takeout place, but there are a few small bar-like tables for those who prefer to eat in. I went at 11:30 on a Monday and had the place pretty much to myself.

Excited to try more dishes here!