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2016 Aug 19
My family came to this bright but cozy little restaurant in Beechwood for dinner last night (Thursday). It was hopping when we arrived just before 6pm but we got a table right away and it emptied out while we were there.

Everything I've tried here is very good! Here's the rundown:

* Shrimp Tempura - piping hot, perfect crisp batter, succulent shrimp.
* Wakame Salad - tangy-salty-sweet, with a number of different seaweeds.
* Seafood Pancake - scallops, shrimp, and surimi embedded in a tasty base with nice dipping sauce.
* Sushi - generous rolls and good ingredient proportions.

I'll go into some more detail under the food items on this page.

The owner, Sue, is a Cordon Bleu trained chef with lots of Ottawa food experience, including at the former Takara . Full disclosure: I originally visited her restaurant because of our contact on social media.

2012 Jun 18
Lunch today while in the neighbourhood. First of all, the positives:
- decor was contemporary, fresh, clean. It made me want to eat fresh light food. The menus matched the restaurant, easy-to-read, comprehensive but not overwhelming.
- staff were friendly, quick and attentive without being cloying. Obviously they had a soft spot for the many returning customers, many of whom were greeted by name. Special and warm attention was paid to very little kids who were there.
- pace of service was okay, not so quick that I felt I was being rushed, but not so slow that I wondered if I should go wander into the kitchen.

On the negative:
- the food. Here's what I'd love to see changed. First of all, the rice-to-filling ratio on the rolls was off. Too much rice. I love me a good dynamite roll, and I don't mind if each restaurant puts its own spin on it. But this one was too rice-y, the tempura prawn too long out of the fryer (soggy), and the tempura bits sprinkled on top for extra crunch were disappointingly uniform (like a dust almost) and non-crunchy. The main culprit though, was the spicy mayo drizzle. It was sweet, sickly so, and the initial impression I'd had of "light and fresh" went right out the (large and sunny) window. It was also spicy, which my dining companion didn't like.
- the real standard in a sushi restaurant, if you want to know what kind of meal you're going to have, is the miso soup. This one was by the book, with no lovely pieces of seaweed floating around, and an over-salted broth.
- the agedashi tofu (deep fried tofu) was ample (as was everything we ordered: top marks for quantity), but lacking the essential lightness I expect. It was stolid.
- the gyoza weren't proper gyoza, made with light thin gyoza wrapper. These ones were more the steamed variety you'd expect in a dim sum, except with a fry sear on it. Also, gyoza should be served with a ponzu sauce (a lighter lemony shoyu sauce). The filling wasn't garlicy enough for my taste.
- The teriyaki chicken was very...done, and heavy.

I really want to like this restaurant -- it looks inviting and the staff/manager are really NICE. If their food could deliver on the same "light, fresh" that their decor promotes, I'd be a regular. I would go again, just to see if they find their stride.

2012 Feb 3

Review in the Ottawa Citizen, and been opened for only 2 months!

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2016 Aug 19
We've been eating a lot of AYCE sushi in Ottawa and a recent trip to British Columbia reminded us how good sushi can be! I'm happy to report that the maki rolls here reminded me of those we enjoyed with my brother's family at the Oak Bay Marina in Victoria.

The rice ratios are perfect, fillings are generous, and the rolls are a good size. At $6 for an 8-piece California Roll, I'm happy with the value. Actually, I'll probably drop the $13 for a Dragon Roll next time. :-)

2016 Aug 19
I haven't had a lot of pajeon (파전) in my life, but I've loved it so much every time that it's easily in my top ten favourite foods. The Seafood Pancake at SushiMe is loaded with 6 half-shrimp, 6 pieces of surimi, and 3 seared scallops. Every Korean restaurant in Ottawa charges $10 for pajeon. It's the same price here but the ingredients are better, the seafood is more plentiful, and the size is a little smaller.