Onigiri 2
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Probably the best way to describe it is - triangular sushi. Traditionally Japanese, also known in Korea as samgak gimbap (삼각김밥). Sticky rice, meat, and sauces, wrapped in seaweed and typically also wrapped in a plastic wrapper that must be removed to consume.

Where to get Onigiri

2008 May 10
Picked up some molds today to make the shaped ones. There are 3...a flower, a curved one and a sort of half-clover shape. They were $7.99....and it is usually my policy to not spend money on silly gadgets, but I REALLY wanted them. I got them at Global Giftware, there are 2 sets left I think. (Not that I care....I've already got mine!)

2008 May 7
yum, onigiri!

here's how to make onigiri in the "tradional" Japanese manner .. or not :)

as an aside, the first in this series, "Manners of Japan (Sushi)", is hilarious (esp. if you've visited Japan) for its satiric blend of mistruths & exaggerations delivered in deadpan documentary style:

2008 May 7
This is the best picture I could find online

2008 May 7
A coworker of mine's parents own Miga and he just gave me one of these which he could not finish from his lunch. Basically a giant, triangular sushi - it was extremely yummy!