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Kimchi at Bulgogi Garden
Kimchi at MHK Sushi
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2007 Jun 27
There are many more that’s kinda Korean, but when you go back to first principles, there really isn’t a lot to Korean food … except the kimchi … and the kimchi at Kwon’s is less spicy and some may like this more, but Arum’s has the best kimchi in town, in my opinion. You can also buy a six pack on your way out if you really like the stuff. But you’ll be eating it everyday and kimchi does go bad … really …




2009 May 8
I'm a Korean, so I well know about Kimchi.
Honestly, Seoul House's Kimchi is THE best ever, even better then my mother's (sorry mom ;) ).
I used to buy a jar of Kimch about once every other week, but I'm go to Arum grocery store to buy Kimch (or buy a napa cabbage and some other ingredients and I make it for myself at home sometimes) since I had fell wrangling with the guy owner.
so...this is it. ;)


2006 Oct 7
Kimchi is usually good and this was no exception. The bonus is that it's complimentary! Highly recommended to satisfy you even if you've lost your sense of smell due to a cold! ;-)


2007 Jan 7
I found the kimchi to be not very spicy, but wifey reassured me that this was only because the soup I was eating was more spicy! :-)

2007 Oct 28
The complimentary kimchi was good, as were all the other tasty tidbits. Everything you see here was brought to our table even before we had ordered! This is what I love most about Korean food.


2009 Aug 2
great flavour
nice and garliky
I do fancy mine spicier but still......


2010 Jun 9
The cabbage kimchi was very fresh, but I found it to be too fresh! It lacked the pungency and depth of flavour that I love. It was not very salty and had a bit of a "fizz" to it. I usually swoon for cabbage kimchi but this one wasn't interesting to me.

Mind you, we had to specially request cabbage kimchi so maybe it wasn't ready yet. The kimchi they brought us by default was delicious and featured small wedges of cucumber.