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2017 Jan 14
Vegetarian, pay-by-weight, buffet in the up and coming Main Street area. I am the first to admit that I fall more on the meat eater side of the spectrum, but nonetheless, I have enjoyed this restaurant the two times times that I went in summer and fall of 2016. The two stand-out dishes for me were the avocado salad (which I understand is a general crowd pleaser that is prone to selling out) and the broccoli-tofu stir fry. I really enjoy the large variety that they have available. I have a big appetite and I find that I am more or less satisfied after $15-20 worth of food. The atmosphere is casual and homey, and it tends to get busy, filled with loyal regulars. If I lived in the area, I think it would make for a good take-out option too.

2013 Jun 16
This was the first restaurant I went to when I moved as it was so close to home and an old friend of mine from Montreal raved about it and had a craving that coincided with my move to the area.

It was quaint and reasonably priced. Nothing of particular note really stood out though. If it weren't within walking distance I'm not sure that I would go out of my way for it. Mind you...I'm more of a carnivore

2011 Dec 5
I've been going to Green Door about twice a month for the past three months and it has been absolutely standout each and every time! I have yet to have something I did not enjoy! Nearly each and every single time the food has been incredibly fresh (with the exception of last time, the broccoli tofu stir fry had been sitting out a little while, but they came and replaced it just as I paid so I won't fault them)and delicious! My favourites (in no particular order) are the spanakopita, mashed potato kael, curried eggplant, cauliflower in bechamel sauce, mung dal, green bean salad, and more that I just can't remember right now. I like that their menu changes every day (though not extraordinarily), and you get a filling but healthy meal. The cost by weight can get pricy (I've paid $20 for a meal before), but I find the heavier my plate is, the greater likelihood I'll have leftovers and $20 for two meals isn't all that bad :) For dessert, I recommend the lemon raspberry cake.

2011 Jun 30
my favourite is the avocado salad. it is chunks of avocado tossed with red onions that have been soaking in umeboshi vinegar. delicious! they have recipe cards available too, for some of their more popular recipes. we've made the avocado salad at home and used it as a burger topping or in a wrap. it still tastes best at green door though :)

2011 Jun 30
Great review.

I agree that The Table is nowhere near as good the Green Door. Although I think the Green Door is slightly cheaper, I avoid heavy starches when I am there, as I find they make your meal very expensive. You can pile salads and lighter items on your plate until it is overflowing for about 10 bucks.

I'll be starting my Masters at St. Paul in September and I can't wait to eat at the Green Door with frequency :)

2011 Jun 30
Hubby and I ate here for the first time last night - we loved it!

We've been to The Table once, and we found it extraordinarily overpriced with far too many spins on the same firm tofu curry/stirfry. We had avoided the Green Door since we thought the experience would be the same, but it wasn't!

The variety yesterday was fantastic. Some favourites of mine:

-lasagna (my favourite of everything - I would go back just for this)
-lima bean dish (so creamy!)
-asparagus with umeboshi
-eggplant curry
-roasted mushroom salad

We also shared a generous slice of spelt bread - very dense, but fresh and delicious.

I got a slice of vanilla cheesecake (not vegan, but tangy and delicious!!)

Hubby had lots of vegan and wheat-free options, including apple pie for dessert.

Dinner for 2 including a GF beer was $31.00.

The cashier was super sweet, too.

We will be back! Many times!

2010 Dec 1
Hi Rebecca,
I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my interview with you last week. It was nice to speak with someone who shares my passion about food. I wish you luck with your research.

2010 Nov 18
Call for Interview Participants

My name is Rebecca Warden and I am a graduate student in the department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University. I am looking for individuals who have been to The Green Door Restaurant and would be interested in participating in research that I am doing for my masters thesis.

The aim of my research is to understand the social value of a restaurant like The Green Door within our larger urban food system. I am hoping to interview 15 individuals who would be willing to share their experiences at The Green Door and talk about what this type of restaurant does or does not offer as a dining experience. I would love to include your insights in this work! Note that this project is in no way affiliated with The Green Door Restaurant, its owners, or its staff. This is not a business evaluation and The Green Door will not receive a report.

As an interviewee, you would participate in one semi-structured interview that would last approximately 1 hour. Interviews will be conducted in person, with the specific time and location arranged to accommodate the schedules of respondents. With your permission, this interview will be recorded and transcribed by myself. These recordings will be permanently deleted once the project has been completed (approximately May 2011).

Participants will be given pseudonyms in the transcription of interviews in order to maintain anonymity and ensure that no comments may be attributed to individual participants. Because no participants are reliant on, or implicated with, the owners or staff of the restaurant, there will not be any potential social risk for your participation in this research project. All views that you express during the interviews will be kept confidential. Also note that after participating in this interview, you may choose to withdraw from participating in this research project any time before December 17, 2010.

As a student researcher, I am supervised by Dr. Michael Mopas from Carleton University’s Department of Sociology & Anthropology and have had this project cleared by Carleton University’s Research Ethics Committee. The contact information for my supervisor and Carleton University’s Research Ethics Committee’s Chair will be readily available to all participants.

All responses would be greatly appreciated! Please respond via email to:

Rebecca Warden
MA Candidate
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Carleton University

2010 Sep 12
The Green Door and Rainbow Heritage Garden came together at the Feast of Fields to make this raw red kale salad with oriental dressing, stir-fried varietal zucchinis and fresh herbs, beet salad and red pepper curry. Loved it... I am lucky enough to have this restaurant - and the Main St. Farmer's Market, where you can find rainbow Heritage Gardens on Saturdays - just around the corner from my house :-)

2010 Mar 22
Great food!
Of course there are some things that I'm not too fond of, but with a buffet-style restaurant you are bound to not enjoy some of the offerings. I've been here enough to have some favourites, and I really enjoy the spanakopita, tofu/broccoli ginger stir-fry, carrot/raisin salad & whatever the curry offering is. The breads are always really delicious too.
The deserts are good if you know what to expect with vegan desserts. They are not blow-your-face-off sweet, but I love that the natural flavours are allowed to shine through. The berry crumble is especially yummy:)
I never found this place to be too expensive, because I learned not to pile my plate high with a crazy amount of stuff that I won't finish. I think it's a fair price for the food that you receive.




2008 Nov 27
I am not a fan of this style of eatery.

Paying by weight should be a crime.

It's a friggin buffet! So how is it freshly made to order?

Bland seasoning. Places like this give vegan\vegetarian food a bad rap.

Won't recommend it, won't go back.

It's no wonder that the Boomers love the place. They're retired and have the money to eat there, and their taste buds aren't developed enough to appreciate flavour.

2008 Jun 30
which is better - The Green Door or the Table?

I vote for the Green Door on Main Street. It has been around even before i was born- 1988. The Table is the copycat. I believe The Table started in in the late 90's.

I spoke with the people at the Green Door and I am impressed with their effort to use local, seasonal, and organic vegetables.

Once, I had the opportunity to help out in a fundraising event for Sierra Club, which was held at the Green Door.I had a peek at the kitchen and I noticed all the basic ingredients are of quality like the organic extra virgin olive oil, San-J wheat free tamari (i.e soy sauce), French Sea salt, Umeboshi (Japanese Plum) Vinegar and all organic flour, milled locally.

I shop at health food store for my grocery. If you check out the prices for those ingredients, boy, you would think how do they make money. I use San-J tamari at home and it costs me $6.00 for a 375ml bottle.

They also take pride in making all the food( all hot food, salads, desserts, chai tea, bread etc) from scratch everyday.

My mother is celiac and they have lots of gluten free desserts, main dishes and salads. It is always good to ask the staff because sometimes I can't read all the signs because there are so many of them.

The only thing I don't like about the Green Door is the waiting in line that makes my food cold. But then again, I know there are no cheap fillers!

2008 Jun 15
I love the food at The Green Door, and the overall selection. Regarding the desserts, the Banana Chocolate Chip cake was amazing. It's also a good place to take kids.