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Foods from Tuk Tuk Thai Express

2011 Mar 6
the taste is superb, cannot ask for any better
delivery is quick
prices are reasonable!!
friendly staff!!

2009 Feb 14
Tuk Tuk is now closed. The website is gone, and there's a "For Rent" sign in front of the building.

Fortunately, we still have the very tasty Bon Thai to fulfill our Thai needs, which has a similar delivery radius.

2008 Feb 14
As a follow-up to my previous posting, and in the spirit of fairness, we did eventually get the rice, so they did rectify the situation (although no apology was once offered, nothing was comped, and we had to argue on the phone for close to 10 minutes to get it).

The food was actually pretty good, so its a shame they would argue with a customer over something so minor, and something clearly their mistake. We could have lived with forgotten springrolls or something... but without the rice, we listerally couldn't properly eat what we'd ordered.

The curries were spicy, as requested (despite one being the wrong color). The vegetables in the curries were very good -- crisp and abundant. The chicken was a little sketchy... not as bad as some places, but definitely had a greyish tone to it. Tasted fine, though.

Given the hassle, unfortunately, I don't think we'll order again. More reliable options abound.

2008 Feb 13
Do not -- EVER -- order from this restaurant. We ordered tonight; delivery was timely, and delivery guy was very nice.

That's where it ends. The order was pad thai, 2 red chicken curry, and 3 orders of rice. What did we get? Pad thai (woo hoo), 1 red chicken curry, 1 green chicken curry (huh?), and NO rice.

Called back within 60 seconds of delivery to communicate the issue. Was told "delivery guy went home a long time ago". I said "No, delivery guy was just here less than 1 minute ago". Was told "No, he is home now". This went back and forth for a while. Finally, the "compromise" was "We will give you a $4 credit". Uh... thanks... but we can't eat the soupy (and incorrect) curries you delivered without rice. After many, many go-rounds, we are (supposedly) getting our rice delivered... within 15 minutes... but no curry corrections.

Do not, I repeat, do not order from this place. Many places in the city offer much better service, and do not "negotiate" with you.

Incidentally, the order taker on the phone told me I had to tip on credit card (ahead of time!) or else in cash, as their register didn't handle after-the-fact tips. I said fine, cash. Very nice delivery guy came, I said "So you require a tip in cash?" and he said "Where did you hear that?" and I said "on the phone" with him finally saying no, just add the tip on the receipt, as you always would... this place has issues.