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79 Montreal Road, Vanier, ON K1L 6E8

This is a take-out/delivery/dine in place located on Montreal Road, just across the bridge coming off of Rideau St. The food has no MSG, delivery is quick, and prices are reasonable. Their claim is home style and daily fresh food.

Bon Thai
Bon Thai
Bon Thai
Bon Thai
Vegetarian Pad Thai at Bon Thai
Foods from Bon Thai

2011 Apr 9
Seriously? The food was swimming in oil and far too salty. The service was lacking and the place is tiny and un-inviting. On any given evening it is empty, and for good reason. They could not remember the order of the only person in the restaurant, and then got very irritated and refused to do anything to resolve the problem. End of story, never going back. Run for your lives, its a total waste of time and money for some greesy garbage with no real semblance to what you order, or value of any kind at all.

2010 Dec 11
I’m no Thai expert, however I love Thai food! Last week my girlfriend and I ordered some take out from Bon Thai. She had had the yellow curry before and really liked it, so we gave it another try. She ordered the Yellow curry and I ordered a Pad Ki Mow.
The Yellow Curry was great. Simple as that.. the sauce was nice and complex with sweet and savory undertones. The cuts of chicken were nice and lean. Not a bad choice.
This picture is just a small portion of what was given – the whole portion is quite large.

2010 Dec 11
Now on to the Pad Ki Mow… uggggh… So AWFUL. No reason to describe what it tastes like, because it was swimming in oil. It was actually very hard to eat, and I didn’t come close to finishing it. The only way I could eat it was to steal some of Amanda's curry sauce and pour it over.

2010 Dec 11
As you can see….. this is the bottom of the plate.. YUCK. So, I don’t know how I feel about this place. The restaurant itself is kind of sketchy (with out even considering the sketchy neighborhood). Although the yellow curry was very good, I don’t know how they could serve that greasy, discussing Pad Ki Mow in good conscience. That being said, I will only eat Bon Thai if it is a Curry dish. In reality though, I probably will never eat here again.

2010 Apr 23
I was really unhappy with my order at Bon Thai...it is not good Thai! And also pricy for what we had!
The food was cold, there was too much sauce and not enough tofu and vegetables! I'm still looking for a restaurant that deliver nice pad thai in Ottawa...

2010 Jan 25
"Fresh spring rolls" simply implies that the spring rolls should be fresh from the deep fryer. Fresh does not mean un-fried! The only similar rolls I know about that aren't fried are the (non-Thai) Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Goi Cuon): Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll)

Fresh (and sometimes fried) Foodie

2010 Jan 25
Stuart, while I appreciate your review, you might want to take a look at their menu or have asked about the spring rolls. I have ordered from here multiple times and been very satisfied with my order. The do not make fresh rolls as you were looking for, but their deep fried spring rolls aren't terrible. Also I have ordered mild and spicy before of two dishes and had no problem. Could have been a one time thing. I wouldn't write them off just yet. My advice would be to try going in and ordering, but if you really aren't going back and are looking for another good thai take out I would try Khao Thai (vendor 458) they are amazing!!

2010 Jan 25
I ordered two pad thai's one spicey one mild, and fresh spring rolls. The food arrived with fried spring rolls, and no mention of spicey vs mild. When i called to enquire i was told that to many customers were ordering spicey or having other requests. That not everyone can get what they want. Apparently they don't make fresh shrimp spring rolls so they just send fried spring rolls when they are ordered. Very strange, possibly a case of a bad employee. But I won't be ordering from this place again.‎

2009 Jun 7
Hey everyone,

I was enjoying my lazy Sunday afternoon and I thought I would try out Bon Thai for the first time. I liked the fact that delivery offered the interac as a payment method - a perfect excuse to continue being lazy :)

However, I kinda regret ordering it because in my opinion, it definitely wasn't worth the $24 some odd dollars I spent. I got combo number 2 (i could be mistaken) which was red curry chicken and pad thai with 2 spring rolls and I substituted the steamed rice for sticky rice.

I live downtown and it took 55 minutes to get here (they tell you it will take 45min-1hr to arrive). There was a delivery charge on top of it which I wasn't too thrilled about because they didn't advise me about that beforehand...so it ended up being $26-27 some odd dollars.

Anyway, I found the red curry a little too watery and bland in comparison to other red curries I've tried (like at royal thai). The Pad thai was also bland and extremely mediocre - so much that I was trying to remember why I paid so much for this in the first place. The spring rolls were also pretty tiny but they were decent. All in all, I'd say it wasn't anything special but it wasn't horrible either.

I probably won't be ordering from them again because I'd rather order from Royal thai (more authentic and better quality) and walk my lazy butt over there to pick it up.

2009 Jan 9
This place is decent for a quick Thai meal, and I'd order from them again, probably, but if you're looking for takeout / delivery from that area of town, I highly suggest trying Tuk Tuk Thai Express instead (also MSG-free). Just a tiny shade more expensive (less than 10%), and much, much better food.

I try to order from Tuk Tuk, but if it ends up being closed, then we get Bon instead, usually.




2011 May 30
this place isnt good . ive tried it twice and felt robbed right after . the pad thai is bland and over cooked . overall disappointed , id give it 3/10

2009 Jan 9
What they serve is gloopy ketchup pad thai. No tamarind in sight. While I'm embarrassed to say this as a major Thai snob, since I consider ketchup pad thai to be an abomination and a mockery of Thai food, it actually tastes okay for what it is.

Just thought people should be warned prior to ordering :-).



2007 Jul 23
Bf and I ordered from here again last night and got the same as we did last time...the one picture I posted last....
Still really really good and very consistent...looked and tasted exactly like it did the previous times. Delivery took a little longer, about 45 min. Next time we order from here I'll have to try something else!!

2007 Feb 26
We ordered Combo #5 (Vegetarian) for delivery from here...it comes with Pad Thai with Tofu and Vegetables, Stir Fried Eggplant with Chilly(that's how they spelled it!! heehee) & Basil Leaves, Steamed Rice & 2 Spring Rolls + 1 can of pop for only $14.95! The pad thai is really one of the best I've had with the right amount of heat, lots of noodles and chunks of tofu.

The eggplant is amazing with real fresh basil and chile...so soft but not mushy. The spring rolls come with their own tasty dipping sauce.

I'll post the picture...this will definitely replace Tuk Tuk Thai Express for our delivery!

Here is the pic of my delivery from Bon Thai. YUM!


2010 Nov 3
Very good Thai delivery.

The Pad Ki Mow is excellent.