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2015 Mar 25
Local is excellent for service, food, beer and spirits. It's also good for large groups as they have a lot of space.

I've thus far enjoyed the Tuna Poke (ahi tuna/jalapeno/avocado/etc), the Hot Wings (delish with the blue cheese dip), the Pulled Chicken Nachos (nachos the way you want them to be and you can get half portions), the Fish Tacos (standard fare), and the Tortilla Soup (not memorable).

I've also had the small plates… try the Crispy Pork (one of their best dishes), the Cauliflower (they seem curried but they're not… really flavourful), and the Calamari. They're all winners.

The rotating beers are a lot of fun. The type of beer stay consistent but the craft brewery supplying the beer changes regularly. It's a great place to experiment and try new things.

Mixed drinks are well built by very professional bar staff.

All n all a great place to go with friends where you get value for money.

2015 Jan 23
Great open space with funky decorations (motel sign, vintage chairs), large wooden tables and a neat bar with beer and wine on tap (they had several Flat Rocks wines from the Niagara region!). There are interesting daily alcohol specials. A glass of beer from tap for $4 or a glass of wine for $7!

The menu is not huge but I had a hard time choosing as a few things looked tasty (wings, tacos, crispy pork poutine, hoisin wrap, etc.). I decided to try the Brooklyn burger and it was great. Juicy patty, fresh condiments and a bun that is not too soggy nor too hard. The fries were thin and crispy like those from McDonald's which I happen to like as much as thick juicy fries.

What struck me the most on this first visit is the extremely friendly service! My three friends and I came with our babies and everyone was very accommodating and ensured we were comfortably seated despite the high stools! They got us baby chairs and installed them for us. There is also a change pad in the wheelchair accessible washroom. I will be back!

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2015 Jan 23
While the menu is not extensive, it looked very appetizing. On my first visit, I tried the Brooklyn burger and it was great: juicy patty, tasty onion rings, roquette greens in a mustardy mayo, red pepper relish and cheddar. It comes with a bucket of thin and crispy fries. Sweet potato fries is an option for a small extra. My friends had the Press burger and the crispy chicken sandwich and they loved it.

2015 Jul 25
I really like the loads of thinly sliced cabbage that top the fried fish and chicken tacos here. The fish was cooked perfectly and the other toppings all lent to a classic and delicious taco. While not as cheap ($5 each) or inventive as some other offerings in Ottawa, I would gladly suck down both variations again and will. My only minor quam, which was quickly absolved by a few $4.50 sleeves of mad tom, is that the fish tacos are served with a slice of lemon rather than lime - this isn't fish and chips Local!

2016 Feb 20
1/2 order of 1/2 eaten nachos. If you are into generous toppings and a conservative use of salsa, the nachos here are a good option. The avocado and black beans are a nice touch. I always order without the black olives.

2015 Nov 12
Jerk Chicken Sandwich - $7.5 Nice heat and spice on this. Pickled onions and cucumbers rounded out the heat. Delicious!