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2015 Jan 23
While the menu is not extensive, it looked very appetizing. On my first visit, I tried the Brooklyn burger and it was great: juicy patty, tasty onion rings, roquette greens in a mustardy mayo, red pepper relish and cheddar. It comes with a bucket of thin and crispy fries. Sweet potato fries is an option for a small extra. My friends had the Press burger and the crispy chicken sandwich and they loved it.


2017 Jun 25
The crispy chicken is covered in coleslaw and just really juicy!

2019 Oct 2
This burger is simply named “champignons” :)

2017 Mar 27
Damn you RiceLover, that pic is painful on levels both abdominal and existential.

2017 Mar 24
Huge burger with a wide selection ranging from tomato and lettuce to mushrooms and carameralized onions to the aptly named "cardiac arrest" burger with triple patties, triple bacon, sausage and mushrooms!

Pictured here is the Dallas: roasted red pepper, Monterrey jack, smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce and BBQ sauce. Very nice flavours. The bacon stood out, in a nice way. It was humongous. I didn't finish it so I could have some fries!

2015 Nov 1
The server recommends it medium rare and it is the best way to have it! Made with fresh O'brien beef and served between buttered and toasted sandwich bread. Served with shoe string fries. The best burger! (Have it while you can ☹️)

2016 Jun 3
A hidden gem, opened by a chef who worked at Le Troquet. The burgers are amazing. Pictured is a grilled chicken burger with caramelized onions, and mushrooms. The bun was soft enough to chew in easily but had consistence. They use really good mayonnaise. I didn't need ketchup as I usually would! Burgers are sold individually and sides of fries, soup or salads can be ordered. The sizes are pretty big. It's satisfying and good to the last bite!

2017 Jul 18
An interesting take on a burger: a meatloaf burger. It was very filling! Lots of cheese. Great shoestring fries.

2017 Nov 24
This is my first time in a Barley Mow. I tried to have brunch at the Bank street location once. It was so busy, no one even said hi to us.

Honestly, we were headed to the Clocktower tonight but it was surprisingly full so we crossed the street to Barley Mow. It is nicely decorated with a cozy feeling.

I ordered the beef burger with bacon, crispy onions, cheddar, mushrooms. The beef was very average but the toppings and bread were good. The fries were thick and juicy.