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2017 Nov 20
A friend was in town this past weekend and asked to meet me for breakfast before driving back to New Jersey this morning. I've had Wilf and Ada's on my bucket list for ages so suggested we meet up there before she made her journey home. We got there around 9:00 and even on a Monday morning the restaurant was filling up fast. We were lucky enough to get the second-to-last empty table.

It was really hard deciding what to have since everything sounded good. My friend settled with the fritatta which came with homefries and toast. She enjoyed her breakfast very much but felt the portions were huge and couldn't finish it all. I ordered The Blackstone which is basically an eggs benedict. The eggs were perfectly poached and served over a tomato slice, smoked bacon (which is the most awesomest smoked bacon I have ever had), and an english muffin all covered in hollandaise sauce. I had homefries on the side. Everything was so delicious I had no problem cleaning my plate;)

All in all we both enjoyed our meals and I look forward to many trips back.

2017 Jul 18
Dagwood sandwich: there was a lot of ingredients but it came out nicely. Well balanced, huge, tasty bite! Chicken, bacon, crispy tiny potatoes strings or something else, tomato, lettuce. It was so big no sides were needed.

2014 Oct 22
Quick comment:

Finally made it out to try W&A's and came away really impressed - straightforward homestyle cooking and huge, maybe too huge, portions. Had a delicious bean w/bacon soup, open faced hot chicken sandwich with fries and salad.

All was delicious - I really appreciated the solid execution of classics without pretension. They get my thumbs up!

2014 Oct 20
Finally tried Wilf & Ada's. I'm a long time Ada's customer (20+ years), going back to my first days in Ottawa for uni. It once was $2.75 for breakfast, today was $40 (for two of us). Oh, times have changed ;)

We both had eggs in purgatory and coffee. It is a dish (plus Shashuka) that I make at home, but really enjoy, so I wanted to try their version. It was spicy and really great. However, my dish, the poached eggs were still really clear and not completely poached. I covered them in the sauce and the heat continued to poach them, but next I'll make a point to ask for the eggs fully cooked. Gloopy whites just gross me out. My dining companions eggs were more fully cooked, so my dish may have been a fluke. There was more food than I could eat, so I ended up leaving 1/2 the potatoes.

I wish coffee was included in the price. $13 + $2 for coffee is steep and means I can't go very often.

I'll be back at some point, but I still miss Ada, so visiting there is bitter sweet.

2014 Jul 29
I wanted everything on the menu but decided on the chicken, egg, BLT club sandwich. Everything was done right on this huge sandwich. Fresh, well cooked meats, great bread and a nice honey dijon sauce. Next time I'd get it toasted.

2014 Mar 30
Stopped in for a late breakfast and had the Eggs Purgatory. Delicious! Two eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce with grated parm and arugula (?). Not sure cuz it was green ;-). It was served with passable homefries (which were delicious when dipped in the tomato sauce) and excellent bread. Be warned: this place is small. Get there early, don't try to spread out your newspaper and leave the double wide at home.

I have since made this dish at home using basil and a can of chopped tomato. It is a really good not really breakfasty dish. I had to look it up and it is also known as Shakshuka

2014 Mar 21
Jazz was wrong. It's awesome.

2014 Mar 20
Thanks for all the kind comments...we really love that corner on Bank, and the South Central buzz in that part of town. We have met many wonderful folks all looking for basic home-cooked fresh meals...and we think we deliver.

Although I do not know "Jazz" it confuses me as to why he/she thinks I would corporatize and de-soul Ada's, as that has never been any part of my food & beverage platform. In fact it is the opposite...Fraser Cafe/Table 40, The WORKS Ottawa, ZaZaZa Pizza With Pizazz, are all proudly "fresh" serving made-from-scratch meals and recipes.

I look forward to bumping into you all at Breaky or Brunch sometime soon at 510 Bank...

Ion Aimers

2014 Feb 27
Went back today for the hot chicken sandwich for an early lunch. I cleaned my plate. An open-face sandwich on well-toasted bread, turnip-carrot mash, generous pile of roasted chicken breast with pepper gravy and peas accompanied by lots of crispy thin fries. My DH had their Dagwood sandwich and a Kichesippi 1855 which he also loved. After all we ate, it was over the top, but we shared a piece of sugar pie with buttermilk ice cream. It had a lovely, custard-type filling which wasn't as cloyingly sweet as I have had. I enjoyed every mouthful but I haven't eaten again today! They will be opening for dinner a few nights a week very soon (next week?). Tonight they were having a trial run. I love this place!

2014 Feb 17
Glad you liked.

Have to correct my opost, it's a Dagwood sandwich, not a Monte. They even stick the olive on top with the toothpick.

Went back this past Saturday, 1ish again. Damn it was busy. Ottawa has noticed this place in hordes.

Had the portobello mushroom open face thingy. If you are a mushroom fan, you must eat this. A great big messy pile of shrooms on house bread topped with cheese and crispy onions and possibly crystal meth because as soon as i finished it i wanted to eat it again.

Also sampled the benny on sundried tomato something something base. Very tasty.

Also discovered that if you run out of bread you can dip fries in the marmelade and it still tastes awesome.

I fear the crowds may keep me away on busy times, but i'm so happy with this place. Great addition to the brunch scene.



2014 Jul 18
House made english muffins? Yes please!!

This is an excellent quality eggs benedict breakfast. This particular one was the special that day and had brisket as the meat, which made things pretty chewy. Would be better with bacon or ham!

Great home-fried potatoes with house made chili and vinegar sauce (ketchup available by request).

The drip coffee was excellent. My wife had been twice before and, while the food was good, her lattes were utterly disappointing with poorly foamed milk. We did not want to chance it a third time so she had tea or something this visit. Restaurants and coffee houses should not charge barista prices if they don't have trained baristas (Wilf and Ada's is only one of many guilty of this).

Overall a fantastic and fun hipster-posh diner!



2014 Feb 11
Sketchy memory is sketchy, but i think the meal came to approx $30-35 all in. Was totally worth it.

2014 Feb 10
OSoloMeal, what are the prices like?

2014 Feb 10
Got to the now renamed WILF & ADA'S for brunch last week, late Jan 2014, Saturday around 1pm. Just a month or so since they re-opened.

Total score.

They did a really nice reno, lots of exposed brick, and a brighter look than before for essentially the same small space.

The montecarlo sandwich was rockin with bacon, chicken, crispy onions and some other i stuff i ate too quickly to identify.

The benedicts were awesome. Done just right. The homemade potatoes were approximately the temperature of the sun and perfect.

The homemade peanut butter, jam and marmelade were so good we got an extra order of toast to eat more of them.

Place was packed, we were lucky to get a table. Staff moved things along admirably considering how busy they were and managed refills, water, etc fine.

Will be back. Will send others. Oh screw it, i'm not telling anyone because the lineups are likely to be long enuf already.

2017 Jul 18
An interesting take on a burger: a meatloaf burger. It was very filling! Lots of cheese. Great shoestring fries.