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2014 Feb 14
After reading the glowing review by OSoloMeal we dropped in for breakfast this week and are so glad we did. It was every bit as good as you said. When the wait staff, the food and the ambiance all come together like they did for us that morning it makes for a really great dining experience. We started with lattes with an extra shot of espresso for our taste. I don't usually bother with juice when I'm out for breakfast but when we saw that it was freshly squeezed we had to try that too. My breakfast of Bennies with roasted tomato, house-smoked bacon on a homemade English muffin served with crispy, nicely-seasoned "homies" was perfect. My DH had the classic breakfast with two perfectly poached eggs, beans, that awesome smoky bacon, toasted housemade bread and homies. We finished up with two excellent cups of regular coffee (Happy Goat). I saw that they have my all-time diner favourite of hot chicken sandwich on the menu board so I can't wait to go back for lunch very soon.

2013 Nov 19
It will be interesting to see the results of the new renovations. metronews.ca

2013 Sep 27
A well deserved retirement for two lovely people but it is really too bad that it has been sold to Ion Aimers. He will have it "de-souled" and "corporatized" in no time. :(

2013 Sep 24
I mean i'm glad they were able to finally sell, and that the place will continue, but even so, these two were awesome.

2013 Sep 24
*Not Closing* Just changing hands. Current owners retiring.


2013 Sep 24
Closing effective Sept 30. :(

2007 Sep 14
Our dojo started going here for Friday breakfast the last few months, instead of the place across the street. The food is good, but the real treat is Ada herself, as well as the cook who may or may not be her husband (not sure). Ada is a short, slender, very cheerful woman, probably in her late 50s. She never uses a notepad to take orders, and never gets your order wrong. And she never forgets your "usual" even if you haven't been around for a long time.

Just this morning our regular crowd was joined by a gal who works on the road most of the year and probably has been here once about 2 months ago, and then perhaps 10 months before that was the last time. Ada went around the table and everyone just gave the nod for "the usual". I was honestly dumbfounded that she still knew this gal's order!

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2014 Jul 18
House made english muffins? Yes please!!

This is an excellent quality eggs benedict breakfast. This particular one was the special that day and had brisket as the meat, which made things pretty chewy. Would be better with bacon or ham!

Great home-fried potatoes with house made chili and vinegar sauce (ketchup available by request).

The drip coffee was excellent. My wife had been twice before and, while the food was good, her lattes were utterly disappointing with poorly foamed milk. We did not want to chance it a third time so she had tea or something this visit. Restaurants and coffee houses should not charge barista prices if they don't have trained baristas (Wilf and Ada's is only one of many guilty of this).

Overall a fantastic and fun hipster-posh diner!



2014 Feb 11
Sketchy memory is sketchy, but i think the meal came to approx $30-35 all in. Was totally worth it.

2014 Feb 10
OSoloMeal, what are the prices like?

2014 Feb 10
Got to the now renamed WILF & ADA'S for brunch last week, late Jan 2014, Saturday around 1pm. Just a month or so since they re-opened.

Total score.

They did a really nice reno, lots of exposed brick, and a brighter look than before for essentially the same small space.

The montecarlo sandwich was rockin with bacon, chicken, crispy onions and some other i stuff i ate too quickly to identify.

The benedicts were awesome. Done just right. The homemade potatoes were approximately the temperature of the sun and perfect.

The homemade peanut butter, jam and marmelade were so good we got an extra order of toast to eat more of them.

Place was packed, we were lucky to get a table. Staff moved things along admirably considering how busy they were and managed refills, water, etc fine.

Will be back. Will send others. Oh screw it, i'm not telling anyone because the lineups are likely to be long enuf already.

2017 Jul 18
An interesting take on a burger: a meatloaf burger. It was very filling! Lots of cheese. Great shoestring fries.