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2009 Dec 19
those macaroons look delicious! :)

2009 Nov 23
I think its definitely the case!
Now comes the million dollar question: where have you been all my life?!?! Haha :)

Happy eating!

2009 Nov 22
I am jealous but happy that you are going back next year. I have never eaten so well as I did in France but I think it may be 5-10 years before I get back due to $$$ and the desire to go to other places too.

The Joel Robuchon restaurant sounded great.... especially the caramalized pork belly!


2009 Oct 31
Hi! I was flattered to read that you enjoy my blog! Just a little something I started to keep me busy and to share my favourite recipes with my family. In any case, thanks for checking it out and do let me know when you start yours! :)