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2013 May 28
Went yesterday for dinner to celebrate my birthday, my wife and I shared the lobster spinach dip, which was beet-red due to the heirloom spinach, and delicious. I had the pork belly and scallops, and she had the duck confit. Hers was decent, not beating a good French restaurant but not bad either. The spaetzle on the side were just OK.

Mine, on the other hand, was *unbelievable*. We will be going back just for this dish. Everything was perfectly done, the scallops, the pork, and the vegetables. My mouth is still watering from the pork belly, sweet and velvety smooth, probably from the 40 hour (if I remember correctly) marinating.

Drinks included a very well balanced pineapple sage mojito, and a lovely white sangria.

Any foodies in Riverside South, you NEED to go to this place and make sure it stays in business! I will definitely make the trek from Kanata again.

2013 May 3
I went mid-April and had a great experience. The butternut squash agnolotti with maple cream sauce was delicious. Had the lemon yogurt cake for dessert. Unfortunately for my friend, the main and dessert she ordered was not available but she enjoyed the salmon and lemon cake. The service was great. Going back to try their brunch next time.

2013 May 3

Looks interesting! Has anyone tried it yet?