This vendor no longer exists!


Address: 259 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5T9
Phone:(613) 241-7499
Hours: Open 10:30 am – 9:00 pm

Foods from Pixy’s Place


2014 Oct 29
Sadly, this is the last night for Pixy's Place.
It was a busy, tiring, sad day for the owner. I went in with my son-in-law to pick up his last order, 2 doz. patties - 6 each of goat, beef, pea and spinach for him (best meat patties in the city he says) and his veggie missus. She gave us 4 pieces of homemade cake and said help yourself to any of the drinks in the cooler on the house. She says she's going to write a cookbook with her recipes for her St Lucia style foods - I hope she does! Pixy`s Place will be missed by those who loved her tasty foods, her lovely little joint and her sassy character.

2014 Sep 13
Hit up Pixy's again last night for more rotis, first actual visit to the place. It only has 4 tables, seats 10 total. Friendly mama/cook/owner behind the counter, friendly customer/hanger on dispensing recommendations from his seat at a table. My dw had her first roti from Pixy's, chicken, and was able to eat only half, very filling, liked it a lot, leftovers for lunch today. Daughter had the veggie and enjoyed it with some hot sauce. Her dh and I both had the jerk chicken, quite spicy and delicious (next time I save some for next day's lunch too, then I won't need Tums after going to bed). I think I forgot to mention before that the rotis have some potatoes as well as the chickpeas (and meat) and tasty sauce. She was sold out of goat stew so no goat roti; next time I hope to try them. The coconut cake was delicious. S-i-l got the last two spicy meat patties and 2 veggie patties for takeout form idnight snacks for them while on baby duty. I gotta get there earlier in the evening for numerous reasons now.

2014 Aug 22
We got 3 rotis last night to have with our corn for dinner. The veggie was delicious according to she who ate it, and both of us eating the chicken also enjoyed ours a lot. The only difference between the two was that the veggie didn't have any of the tasty chicken. They both had chickpeas and a spicy, oily and very tasty sauce that we all loved. The roti is homemade and quite large and filling and the bread itself quite lovely. He got some Jamaican patties for some late night snacks and I didn't taste them but will be back to Pixy's to try them and the other items available.
This place is located at the corner of York and Nelson St, a block east of King Edward.