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The Grateful Griller is a seller of ceramic grills and smokers who adds the personal touch of delivering the unit to your home and demonstrating its use to you and your guests.

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2009 Jun 21
F&T - The table is from the Grateful Griller; I understand he has them made locally. It sure is nice to have!

2009 Jun 21
Congrads Fresh Foodie on your new Big Green Egg - I have had mine for 4 years now and the biggest problem is all the neighbours want to come over for dinner !!! I have done everything in it from Steaks/Ribs/Fish and Turkey ..oh yes Beer can Chicken tonight. The family favorite. Here is one that you and the Grateful Griller can try - I had this in Texas of all place (BBQ Country) Take a pineapple (whole) cut into quarters, slice the quarters into eatable pieces, without removing the pieces from the whole pineapple, wipe with Maple sryup and add some Cinnamon ..bake around 300 for 10-15 minutes - you can also do it the oven - your guests will just love it. Congrads and please email me for more tips and reciepts. Make sure you check theses sites:



Happy Egging !!


2009 Jun 21
Fresh Foodie - Wow, that's a keeper (the wife I mean). May you and her and the Big Green Egg enjoy many more years together.

What curious minds want to know is... what is the story behind your fancy (custom) grilling table. DIY or a kit?

2009 Jun 21
This chicken was finished in about 20 minutes at 325F (rock solid temperature control as advertised). The result was incredible -- easily the best grilled chicken I've encountered in recent memory. The skin was perfectly crispy without any blackening and it was infused with a strong smokiness.

2009 Jun 21
The Grateful Griller hard at work.

2009 Jun 21
I've been lusting after a Big Green Egg for at least two years now and my wife surprised me with one for my birthday and Father's Day this year. She surprised me even more by hiring the Grateful Griller for his delivery service and backyard road show.

The whole experience was fantastic! From the thrill of the grill, to the Grateful Griller's infectious enthusiasm and easygoing nature, to the incredible food that came off the hardwood coals.

He's totally flexible about the menu, so my wife opted to do the grocery shopping and food prep. The Griller then went on to cook three items for us:
* Maple marinated portabello mushrooms served with a seasoned and grilled wheel of brie
* Portuguese churrasco-style chicken pieces
* Rib-eye beef steak (from The Butchery)

The food was impressive and it was fantastic to receive the Egg fully assembled and see it in the hands of an expert prior to making my own first steps.

There's no doubt that these grills are expensive, but after crunching the numbers we found that the Grateful Griller's value-added service costs no more than any other vendor in Ottawa would charge for just the parts and delivery. This is partly because he's based in Quebec and doesn't charge Ontario's PST. He also threw in a wooden giftbox with a few freebies, including a nice bottle of Beau's Lugtread and some experimental spice rubs and seasonings he's developing.