Scallops at The Wellington Gastropub
Scallops at The Wellington Gastropub
Scallops at Pelican Grill
Scallops at Le Panaché
Where to get Scallops

2008 Jun 22
These are giant sea scallops. Not too salty.


2019 Sep 5
I have probably always only ordered scallops at The Wellington Gastropub as far as I can remember because it is always good. I might have had a pork chop once. But see, I just came back from a trip to PEI so for the first time, I was not impressed by my scallop lunch. While the scallops were seared to perfection, I could taste the fishyness or lack of freshness. PEI ruined me!!

The scallops were also served on a bed of white beans in a tomatoey sauce with grilled squashes with a hint of spiciness. It wasn’t my favourite.

2015 Sep 12
The lunchtime Sea Scallops ($19, on a bed of black beans, corn, red pepper, leek, poblano vinaigrette) were absolutely delicious and perfectly done, but surprisingly small and few (4) for the price. Considering you can get two tasty small plates at Gezellig for $20, a single small plate for $19 seems rather cheeky here. Worth ordering for sure but be forewarned about the price and portion.

2013 Apr 25
I have to second this. I had the scallops there back in Feb and they were awesome.

2013 Apr 24
Best scallops I've had so far has got to be at The Wellington Gastropub. They play around with this dish but on the night we were there, the perfectly seared scallops sat atop chorizo and beans. Absolute perfection! It has a great hipster vibe and an incredible beer selection (which won over my boyfriend).

2015 Jun 28
Also had the pan fried scallops and braised pork belly with squash puree, chard and pickled mustard seeds. What a great combination. Tons of flavour, great textures and high quality ingredients make this an outstanding dish. Pelican always impresses me!