Foods from Napoli's Cafe

2012 Jul 26
This is an over priced pompous owned restaurant! All the food is bland with no taste. For such an over priced establishment it should have better service. The servers are more concerned with their hair than serving your table!

2010 Feb 8
i had lunch with my dad after my shift at work to napoli's. we started with grilled calamari which was fabulous.

for the main i tried the vongole pasta made with linguine noodles. lots of clams in a white wine sauce. the dish had the perfect amount of garlic and lots of pine nuts and plum tomatoes.

as mentioned before the portions are indeed huge! we ended up splitting a dessert, a chocolate fudge(?) cake that was nice and moist.

oh and to top it all off, i had an apple pie (or apple crumble?) shooter i reccomend to everyone :)

2009 Sep 19
After living within walking distance for 6 years, we decided to pop in tonight. All I can say is WOW... wow, what a let down. I have to disagree with previous posters.

We had a party of 6, dined at 6:30. The place was busy, but not so much that we couldn't sit without a reservation. The benefit of being last minute is that we sat in the swanky private room, as opposed to the main dining area that IMO closely resembles a cafeteria.

To start, our waitress was absolutely terrible. (to be fair, the accompanying busser was incredibly kind and pleasant). I can't point to anything in particular, but she was turse and slow. Anyhow, suffice to say, the service was not scoring bonus points.

The prices are on the upper end of the scale for italian (pastas in the 15-20 range, mains in the 25-45 range). However, IMO, for $20, the pastas are uninspired. Alfredo, Bolognese, one lemon cream sauce. Add shrimp and/or chicken and mix up the pasta shape and you have the entire menu. I tasted 3 of the pasta dishes. Slightly better than East Side Marios, but I credit the homemade pasta... not the sauces. I hate ESM, so this really isn't saying a whole lot.

I had the grilled calamari and a starter Caesar ($7.95 for a side salad!) as I couldn't get into anything on the 2 page menu. P.S. Salads are not included with any pasta meal. The calamari portion was enormous, but it was WAY WAY WAY overdone, looked stewed, not grilled, and doused in a thickened lemon sauce (!!!). The serving was 100% body rings, no tentacles :(. I was so craving this dish since having the amazing appy at the Grand. It was inedible. When the waitress asked why I had left so much, I told her politely. She said "hunh", took the plate away, and that was the end of it. Grrr. Too bad I am not much of a confrontational person.

I will give them one golf clap. The bread serving was nice. A mix of different buns, loaf slices, and flat breads. Butter is provided in those little pull tab tubs (come on! you are looking at $30+ per cover).

6 ppl (one 3 yrs old), $190 w/ tax and tip. Not a wallet buster, but way too much for what was a unanimous thumbs down. Not true, I guess. My 3 yr old liked her penne bolognese. $17.

2009 Sep 7
Recently ordered a take-out pizza from Napoli's Cafe.

When I entered the restaurant it seemed a little crowded. For some reason they had many people waiting for tables but once I looked around, many tables were empty. Perhaps it was one large party waiting for their party, but still- they need to do something about it as it over-crowds the front door.

While waiting for my order I had a chance to look at the food on some of the tables and it looked very appetizing. The atmosphere of the place also looked cozy.

When I got home I was happy to discover that the entire pizza was covered with goat cheese. We had asked them to add goat cheese to the pizza and instead of the usual few pieces here and there on the pizza (that most restaurants do), they were most generous. It was on every possible bite. Delicious. That alone makes me a fan.

The pizza was very flavourful. It was a really nice change from Gabriel's which I have been finding to be a little on the boring side lately.

I will definitely return for pizza take-out and also to try their dine-in experience.

2009 Aug 28
We went last night for my wife's Birthday. I have not been there for some time but they have expanded and did a pretty nice number on bar and new sitting area. We split the house salad with the house dressing. The dressing is made fresh each day and it is amazing -sweet but sour and great. We both had the house "special" Napoli's spagetti with the "big meatball". Sauce was good (a little spicy according to my wife but thats a good thing !) and the topping were excellent - grilled peppers, mushroom,onions - mixed togther adds a nice flavor to the meal. A little pricy for $16.00 but you do get alot of food. For her birthday, we were asked if would like a free drink ...YES !!! - Balley's on ice were quickly delivered. Nice touch!! We will be back soon !!


2008 Apr 10
We love to hit new spots but sometimes stick close to home. We noticed the sign outside “people’s choice for restaurant of the year” and went in. Great choice in Stittsville! There were families, couples, sports fans, etc. Nice ambience for a spot in a strip mall—café, bar and grill. Somehow they manage romantic candlelit tables and booths of both sports fans and families. Our table for 2 was in front of the window…not near the big TV or the bar. The TV was unobtrusive. The menu had lots to choose from—appetizers and pizza at a table nearby looked very good.
We shared a bottle of wine and each chose the 2 most expensive items on the menu, $23 & $ 24 which included soup or salad, entrée and choice of pasta, rice or potato. First came nice, warmed buns with butter or spiced oil & balsamic vinegar. Salads were fresh & delicious—one Caesar, one house. The Caesar dressing had good flavour, not too heavy or garlicky. The house was loaded with fresh greens and crisp vegetables and again a light, tasty vinaigrette. The entrees were absolutely delicious—succulent and first-rate. 1st was veal stuffed with spicy Italian sausage in creamy sauce, roasted vegetables and the house spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. Incredibly moist chicken breast stuffed with pancetta, onions, asparagus & spinach in a port wine sauce with roast potatoes and the same vegetables. Unbelievable! The roasted vegetables were very generous, crisp and flavourful (broccoli, zucchini, red peppers, cauliflower, snow peas). Extras were enjoyed for lunch the next day! We noticed everyone left with containers so all servings were large. Lingering, romantic dinner, wine (BTW—lots of selections), and entrée, tip included for well under $100. We loved it and judging by comments around us and observations by other patrons we weren’t alone. We’ll definitely be back.


2008 Apr 10
Really, moist flavourful stuffed veal. Not dry at all