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168 chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, QC

Café Soup'Herbe
Foods from Café Soup'Herbe

2013 Jul 26
Such terrible service that we didn't even get to eat. We sat there for 25 minutes, and none of the servers came to even give us water or menus. However, they did pass by us many times to serve other customers and clean EMPTY tables. I've been there before and loved the food. But I will not be returning, based on this experience. Driving from Ottawa into Chelsea is not worth sitting there to be ignored.

2011 May 23
stopped here for a snack. Had the sangria - I was initially alarmed because the waiter prested two glasses that had frozen fruit in them -however the Sangria was excellent. It was a bit pricey though - 20 dollars for a 1/2 litre - But I would get it again. I had the cucumber bagel - which was 11 dollars but comes with a choice of soup or salad. I got the peanut soup - which was really good - the peanut flavor hit the palate late and was very nice and smooth.

Wait-staff was very friendly. The menu is classic pub fare.

Overall, an excellent place to sit and enjoy the view.

2010 Sep 30
We went here to have lunch on a Saturday after our hiking trip at Gatineau Park.

When we went there at 11:30AM, the place was almost full (about 3 tables empty and the patio was empty). When we left the place, the patio was already full and people were waiting in line already.

I tried their wrap ($13 or $15, I can't remember) which include soup of the day (lentil soup). My friend tried the burrito mexicain and we also shared the Pecan Chocolate Pie just to try out. Their coffee is ok (since we expect better coffee).

Their food is not bad. But I think that the bulk of the menu is using the similar ingredients and the chef just modified the wrapping or sandwich type to turn into many different dishes.

2008 Oct 7
The last time we dropped by here, they were closed, and we had to settle for the pub down the road. Believe me, there is no comparison!

Today, we were in Gatineau Park to see the fall colours and do some hiking, and we stopped by the Soup'Herbe for lunch. We got there a little before noon, and our timing was impeccable - a half hour later, it was very busy and they were turning people away.

This is a great spot to fuel up before a hike with tasty and nutricious fare. We were seated up front beside the dessert display, and they were oh so tempting, but we managed to resist. Maybe next time!

2008 Jul 13
stopped in for an early dinner here. Sat on the deck looking through tall pines to the rolling hills on the other side of the road. Scenic and comfortable, sort of like sitting on someone's cottage deck (and wishing it were yours).

The food is all vegetarian, but with a sufficiently eclectic range of options to satisfy carnivores taking a night off. She had a burrito and house red (a sangiovese i think?), & i opted for the more conventional veggie burger & a Griffon Rouse beer. Our immediate impressions, as we dug into the simple garden salad was a "wow, this is good!"

At $12-14 for entrées (that include the salads), i guess its a bit pricier than your average pub, but its also more thoughtfully prepared, w/ an emphasis on local and organic ingredients; and most important, its tasty. Will visit again.

2008 Jan 7
We went here after a beautiful x-c ski in Gatineau. I had the Florentine pizza. Their pizzas are thin crust so you can really taste the toppings. Mine had sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese (and other stuff but I can't remember). Very tasty. Both my wife and our friend had the vegetable triangle which is covered in light pastry. Kind of like a big flaky samosa. Served with salad. Also worth trying.

They had a dessert showcase. I had a large piece of carrot cake which I found a little dry - but maybe it's healthier... My wife had the chocolate pecan pie which was good but the filling was a little too sweet. Our friend had the blueberry yoghourt pie which was good. Other interesting items on display were the generous chocolate brownies and apple streudal (among others). The streudal looked interesting and they said they serve it warm with vanilla ice cream.

2007 Sep 26
I stopped by here for lunch before heading to Le Nordik for the afternoon. I've been wanting to go here for the longest time! I sat outside on the very roomy patio and enjoyed the hills across the way with the trees just starting to turn. Beautiful!

I wish I would have written down what this dish was called but I figured I could find it on an online menu but, no. It was a small quiche with cheeses, asparagus, mushrooms....the pastry shell it came in was PERFECT! So buttery, fresh, and light, I actually wanted to lick the plate after! The salad it came with was just a simple green salad with lots of long curly carrots, some cucumbers, tomatoes, red cabbage, and carrots. Very fresh and tasty...the dressing was light and flavourful. I was a little worried about ordering a 'main' for lunch since I was going to the spa afterwards (plus they gave two complimentary little warm buns with butter to start) but it wasn' was a perfect portion size for lunch which is how it should be at all restaraunts, IMHO.

2007 Jan 8
Hi Candice,
I have been to Soup'Herbe about 6 times in the last year. My girlfriends and I like to go for brunch and then for a walk in Gatineau Park.

I really enjoy the breakfast/brunch here. You are always given a fresh homemade cinnamon bun to start with coffee and then there are about 6-8 main choices which come with home fries and a very fresh salad. Some choices are: a veggie fritata, a quiche, greek scrambled eggs, herbed scrambled eggs and my favourite, the veggie filled crepe with a tangy cheese sauce.

They make their own dressing which is to die for and they actually sell bottles of it in their display case.

I have never tried lunch or dinner, but they usually still have the specials written from the night before and they all sound delicious!!

2007 Jan 7
I haven't been to this place in years; my last visit was probably in 2001 or so. Has anyone been here recently?

I remember the food was delicious and not the typical 'extremely healthy vegetarian' fare you usually get at vegetarian and vegan places.