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Fried Chicken at Quinn's Ale House
Quinn's Ale House
Quinn's Ale House
Quinn's Ale House
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2014 Oct 11
Breakfast club with bacon,egg, tomatoes, dressings and home fries for das side. Yes it was good. Yes I will be back.

Side note: ABC fall bock is a really nice beer.

2012 Jun 14
I like this cozy little pub. They have pretty decent food too. Not the best pub food in Ottawa, but certainly better then average.

Yesterday my buddies and I ordered chicken wings, as a starter, and a variety of mains to go with our beers.

The wings were very good, but you only get 7 or so (maybe up to 10, but it was a small amount for 5 hungry guys) for 12 bucks. Very steep. Won't be ordering that again.

For my main, I had their Mexican burrito. Nothing special, but very tasty. In fact it kind of tasted like a burrito that I would make at home, filled with shredded chicken, what seemed like chili, cheese and cilantro. Included was a small, but well put together salad, with a tasty - likely bottled - dressing.

Satisfying food, good beer and interesting atmosphere, makes for a decent pub! The wings are bad value though.

2012 Apr 27
Went to Quinn's this week before hitting up the Mayfair for a movie (People of a Feather - what started as research then turned into a movie by a biologist, not a filmmaker, that was disturbing, disheartening, enlightening, funny, thought-provoking - oops this is not a movie review). Great little spot to dine and have a burger and a pint before going next door for the show. I was a little disappointed in the Ashton Amber as it didn't deliver enough flavours for my liking, but my wife quite enjoyed it. She had the Road House Burger and enjoyed it with fries but it was a bit much for her to eat. I had the only special entree ($14) on the menu - chicken satay with a peanut sauce, stir-fried broccoli and Asian noodle salad. It arrived on a long narrow plate with 4 skewers of warm chicken with a pile of peanut sauce, a mound of cold noodles on lettuce leaf, and a heap of warm broccoli, cutlery and a cute pair of mini chopsticks. Sauce isn't quite the right word for the peanut sauce - it was more like a thick dip, and I could pick some up with the chopsticks very easily. The peanut sauce and chicken were peanutty with a hint of cilantro and less than a hint of Asian seasonings and spice heat - tasty but too dumbed down to please me, nevertheless perfectly edible. The broccoli was nicely cooked and had little or no seasoning, but still was good broccoli. The cold noodle salad was edible, had good texture with some crunchy slivers of vegetables but lacked seasoning to enhance the experience. Ordering the chef's special usually allows the chef to challenge the regular clientele or provide something different for them to try. It kinda missed the mark for me but may have pleased others who tried it. I should have stuck with the burgers this time.

2012 Feb 5
Went the Quinn's for lunch today. The pub was comfy and the service was attentive & friendly, but we wish the food was better. I ordered their specialty "Full Monty" burger. I'm going to come off as a complainer, but there was little about it that was good: The meat itself was overdone and dry, the bun was cold and the bacon was deep-fried beyond redemption. The fries were cooked like my wife's fish: in too-cool oil, so they were limp and greasy.

All of this points to poor execution in the kitchen and certainly not in keeping with their reputation. It could have been an off day, but almost EVERYTHING was problematic.

2011 Dec 12
Love Quinn's but wow it's been hard to get a table lately. As in 'can barely stick your head in the door to see if a table might eventually become available' hard.


2011 Dec 11
Stopped in to try the fish and chips. Chatting with our server got some scoop. They now brew their won beer out in Ashton. Tried their Ashton Ale. Nice red color fairly hoppy with citrus notes,can't wait for their stout to show up. Also found out they are affiliated with Patty's Pub down the street. The fish and chips were fantastic. Chips were double fried and crispy. The generous two piece filled me up not an easy task. Nice oil factor to keep the engine running all day outside on the truck lots. Tried to get into this small pub a few weeks back on a Friday for supper but the word must out the place was packed SRO. I did notice they serve brunch. They had huevos rancheros on the menu with homefries think I know where our next brunch spot is.

2011 Oct 25
After hearing good things both here and from friends, I visited Quinn's for their 1/2 price Monday Wing Night ($5/lb, reg.$10). Good beer selection on tap as noted below; nothing too esoteric but most of it is craft or premium import ($7-8)

Many types of wings available from the standard mild-suicide, as well as sweet chili, kung pow, sweet and sour, honey garlic and much more. I had Beaus and hot wings and my friend had Creemore and sweet chili. The wings were quite good, they seemed to be battered and they were nice and crispy after being sauced. They were also a good size -- they weren't tiny nor were they the gargantuan hulk wings you sometimes see. Not the cheapest wing night in town, but certainly better than many.

Additionally, our server was friendly and helpful and the service was fast with the wings coming out piping hot shortly after ordering. Overall it's a nice, but certainly cozy, pub with good beer and better than average wings, plus it's right next door to the Mayfair so it's perfect for a casual dinner/movie kind of thing.

2011 Oct 20
Went last night with my SO, we both had a few pints and burgers. Have to say it was a very satisfying experience! The menu is not large, pizza, burgers, wraps, wings, an interesting special (squash stuffed with veggies and chicken). I rarely order burgers, however, having ordered this before at Quinn's, I opted for a repeat, the Road House (burger served with cheese, onions and mushrooms). The burger was moist and juicy with a nice BBQ taste. My partner's burger had cheese, bacon, onion rings and possibly spicy ingredients like hot peppers. They have about 4 or 5 burgers on their menu, served with different kinds of mayo (red pepper, garlic, etc.) Burger was nicely presented on a rectangle plate with a flag on top. There are many sides to choose from salads, fries, sweet potato fries, etc. When I asked for a side of garlic mayo - the waitress checked with me to confirm I was okay with a modest additional charge of 50 cents (fair enough if you ask me ...). They had many beers on tap (though they had sold out of a few popular ones including St. Amboise Pumpkin and their own brew), we had Beau's, Kilkenny and Kronenburg Blanc. I've been meaning to try Kronenburg Blanc and I have to say I really liked it! Certainly worth a trip to the neigbhorhood ... restores your faith in the value of a good (great!) pub!

2011 May 31
I can't believe more people haven't liked this place. My favourite burger and wing place in Ottawa. I wish I lived closer to it.

2010 Nov 12
This is my favorite place for burger in Ottawa. Since last week left us a little disappointed we still had a craving for burgers. We started with Donny's special wings,a mix of jerk seasoning and honey garlic sauce. They were ok nothing special. My burger and fries on the other hand were excellent. Heat was the order of the nigh for me so the Johnny Cash Ring O fire burger did the trick. It says very hot and they are not kidding. More than once my napkin wiped a bead of sweat from my brow. There is just something about the ground beef at this place so I had to ask. It comes from Desautels Foods in Cornwall. My search for this company didn't come up with much but the burger meat has a unique taste. The fries are the beefeater variety and crispy. The Beau's on tap was a bonus to some above average pub food.



2010 Jun 25
Was out for dinner this evening and had the Green Machine with fries and my wife had the Sicilian with fries. The fries here are fresh cut and crispy. You don't have to worry about soggy here.



2015 Jul 3
Tried the Thursday special of Quinntuckey Fried Chicken - 2 nice portions of boneless chicken, fries and coleslaw for $10.99! Coating was nice and crispy while the chicken remained juicy. The server told us that they marinate, or a sorta brine, the chicken in franks before its breaded. I think I'll try this technique at home as it produced some stellar fried chicken!