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2012 Sep 14
The restaurant is still in business, but I recommend calling ahead to ensure they are open. They seem to close at random times.

My wife and I usually call ahead for take-out and eat it at home. The Goat Roti is amazing. We also just pick up roti from there as well when we are making curry at home.

2012 Mar 22
One of life's happy accidents, Stumbled across Groovy's food in the cooler section of Boushey's Fruit Mart on Elgin. From a tightly wrapped styrofoam box, emerged one of the most authentic rotis I've enjoyed outside the Caribbean, with just 2 minutes in the microwave

It doesn't look like much, but dam is it good. Deeply spiced, slowly stewed, the curried goat is truly wicked. The jerk chicken lights up your sinus. The roti wrap is soft and fresh. They deliver on Wednesdays to Boushey's so that's when they have the biggest selection, including their chickpea curry if you're goin' veggie.

I've never been into the restaurant but I'm dying to go. I understand it doesn't look like much either, but some of my favorite food comes from little hole in the wall places. There are days when I just want that Jamaican spice... mon.

2012 Feb 18
I tried to go there today, but they weren't open. Can anyone confirm whether or not they are still open for business? I've been here 25 years and feel I should go at least once.

2009 Jul 28
Deffinetly go for the food not the decor! Goat roti there is really good! They do how ever get some great bands in there from time to time that can be fun. Have not been for a while, im due for a stop!

2009 Jul 27
Went for supper on Saturday (I have been all about Caribbean food the past couple of days) and was satisfied.
The pumpkin and chickpea roti platter was good, the curry was not too spicy but was nice and flavourful, and the plaintain was great. The salad was fresh but not very exciting, the bottled french dressing was a bit boring. The rice was quite nice!

The ambience is lacking, but the waitress was super attentive and the food was a bargain.

2009 Jun 18
I don't have any comments for this vendor, but I just wanted to respond to Jojo.

What makes the roti at Island Jerk un-authentic?

2009 Jun 16
Go for the food not the decor.
I enjoyed a very good jerk chicken roti platter, came with delicious fried plantains and perfectly cooked rice and beans. I did find the jerk to be too spicy, it took away from some of the flavor.
Sampled the wife's curried goat roti, it was excellent, just the right seasoning, I would dare say perfect.
The service can be slow, but everything gets to you with a smile. Good food, service, and friendly people, cheap too. I will certainly return.

2007 Mar 15
Hey foodlover - have you been to the Island Jerk on Bank @ Altavista? Their roti - although not 'authentic' is quite delicious. Their jerk chicken is very good and their oxtail stew is simmered in a rich brown gravy with giant lima beans. YUM!

I have yet to find good authentic Trinidadian/Guyanese roti in Ottawa - we usually take a day trip to the Curry House in Montreal and stock up.

I must agree completely though with you about Groovy's - been there once, won't go back. They are in D I R E need of an Extreme Makeover!

2007 Mar 13
Oh gawd, where do I start? First I will start with the good: this is a picture of the Curried Vegetable Roti platter I ordered. On the menu, the platter has a choice of roti; lamb, goat, chicken, veggie....with your choice of either salad and beans OR plain rice and fried plantains. As shown, I ordered the veggie platter with plain rice and beans (he said he only had beans and rice, which was ok by me) and fried plantains. As you can see I got salad with it! Even more bang for your buck...all this food for under $10. I couldn't even finish my plate, and that NEVER happens!

Now for the not so good...
I walked up just after they open, noon, to the marked entrance which was locked with a sign saying 'use other door'. When I found the other door, I had to walk past a big ashtray with lots of butts in it, strewn cigarette packs, graffiti on the walls, and some empty pop bottles, etc. BUT, I thought to myself, don't judge a book by its this case, a restaurant by its outer decor. Inside, I was the only one, and it took a few minutes for someone to appear. Out came the cook/server/owner? The whole place is quite run down with busted chairs, carpeting, and dirty bathroom. After I ordered the platter with a water, the food came surprisingly fast with the water after the fact. I had a sneaky suspicion some of the meal had been microwaved.

Definitely not the place to go for ambience or decor or attentive service. Definitely the place to go for lots of food for a really good price.


2007 Mar 14
Boushey's on Elgin carries little boxed rotis from Groovy's. Pretty good -- fairly fresh -- $5.99, I think. I've only had the vegetable ones. I keep having them, but the spice does need tinkering and I do wish they'd leave out the water chestnuts; it's a bizarre texture to run into in that particular mix.

2007 Mar 13
I've only had roti one other time in Guelph and I loved it. So ever since then I've been on the lookout for a good roti...
This is the Curried Vegetable and Chickpea roti I had today at lunch. Hmmm...the roti(wrap) itself was not like I remembered the other roti to be. This one was quite chewy and on the dry side. The curried vegetable filling was tasty and full of curry flavor but no heat. Personally, I don't think veggie dishes should be spicy hot but I would have welcomed a little heat with this one.

Still on the lookout for good roti!