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2008 May 17
My goat roti platter ($19.95) was accompanied with veggies, fried plantain, rice and peas (off camera), and a bowl of simple but tasty vegetable soup (off camera). The veggies were pretty good but of course the star was the roti. The roti skin was like a super comfort food -- hearty and satisfying with a nice round (buckwheat?) flavour. The stuffing of goat curry with chick peas and potato was also very nice. Being a roti virgin, I asked for a "mild" level of spice and ended up with something that could have been a little hotter. Still, there was enough flavour that I appreciated being able to eat the whole thing without burning my face off!

Wifey's beef roti platter ($17.95) was strangely spicier than mine, even though she asked for "mild" too. The not so great thing was that the chunks of beef were incredibly tough, almost to the point of being unpalatable. The bigger pieces needed to be chopped up with a knife lest they form an unchewable lump in her mouth. I tried some and it was like leather. The flavour was very good but texture was nasty. Since nobody else has mentioned this I would guess that we just had bad luck with our cut of meat.

2007 Nov 17

Mmmmmmmm Goat Roti.

The Man here is top notch !! I even put him up against any roadside vendor in Jamaica.

But, after the move to the new digs, the Goat Roti went up from $9.50 to $11.95 (25%) and the Goat Roti Platter went up from $15.95 to $19.95 (also 25%). What's a Po Boy gonna do ?

I know .... space out the vists to The Man !!


2007 Mar 14
Boushey's on Elgin carries little boxed rotis from Groovy's. Pretty good -- fairly fresh -- $5.99, I think. I've only had the vegetable ones. I keep having them, but the spice does need tinkering and I do wish they'd leave out the water chestnuts; it's a bizarre texture to run into in that particular mix.

2007 Mar 13
I've only had roti one other time in Guelph and I loved it. So ever since then I've been on the lookout for a good roti...
This is the Curried Vegetable and Chickpea roti I had today at lunch. Hmmm...the roti(wrap) itself was not like I remembered the other roti to be. This one was quite chewy and on the dry side. The curried vegetable filling was tasty and full of curry flavor but no heat. Personally, I don't think veggie dishes should be spicy hot but I would have welcomed a little heat with this one.

Still on the lookout for good roti!

2017 Apr 1
Veggie Roti Platter ($12) was hearty and delicious! Roti stuffed with a potato mixture that was just spicy enough to build up over time. A pleasant little salad, plenty of tasty rice with beans, and a handful of yummy fried plantain slices. An excellent meal!

2008 Dec 20
Picked up a chickpea roti here today. I was really happy to get a blast of warm air and a waft of island spices when I walked in from the cold.

Roti was stuffed with chickpeas and potato. A little on the dry side- I like it a bit saucier but good regardless.

Service was friendly.

2007 May 20
I got a chicken roti to go from the Dalhousie location on Saturday after leaving Coco's for the second time without any food.

It was really tasty, just hot enough and the roti bread was actually sturdy enough for me to pick up and eat like a sandwich (hey, there was nobody else home to see) and it was pretty big. I tried to get some plantains to go with it but the guy was all out. Service was very friendly.


2006 Nov 7
Boushey's now has take-away rotis from 'Groovy's Roti Hut.' I wish they'd leave out the water chestnuts, but other than that, it's very good. Quite fresh every time I've picked it up, too.