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2015 Aug 1
First time at the new location on York at Nelson, a small corner restaurant with a few tables. Chef Frederick and his daughter took care of everything while I was there.

I was really after the shrimp Creole I had remembered from the Carling location, but since it was listed as an appetizer I thought I'd better also get some roti to fill my belly. And sorrel of course. Now, when Chef Frederick tells you that your order will probably require a Large sorrel ($5), you listen! The sorrel is reminiscent of cranberry juice, both in flavour and tart-sweetness, with a pronounced clove spiciness. Squeeze the orange into it for extra deliciousness.

I was happy to find that the shrimp Creole ($10) was absolutely spectacular as I'd remembered it. Still one of my favourite over-the-top flavours in town! The people at the only other occupied table (~4pm on a Saturday, mind) asked me what I was having, so I took a minute to gush about it. Generous shrimp in that heavenly Creole sauce, served in a "flower" of crisped up roti.

I was full already, but when the goat roti ($11.95) showed up I dug in. The roti is wonderful and the curried goat filling is like staring directly into the Sun of flavour. I didn't even make it half way through before I had to stop! This is heavy and satisfying food. It isn't cheap (~$30+tip for my meal), but I will get another good meal out of that leftover goat roti.

A word about the spice levels here. The menu lists four levels: Mild, Medium, Spicy, and Extra Spicy. I can enjoy a decent but not extreme amount of spice, meaning I like my Thai chilis thinly sliced (but not deseeded) rather than munching on them whole. Frederick suggested I go with Medium, and I was very glad I didn't venture any higher. The spice in this food can catch you off guard.. with the first few bites it's so tasty you barely notice any spice, then you start to feel the spice level building in your mouth bite after delicious bite. Eventually, your tongue is on fire and the sorrel becomes necessary to put out the flame. I'm pretty sure Extra Spicy would make me cry.

2015 Jun 21
I love this place, but the spicing levels can be really inconsistent. We order takeout from here pretty regularly, and every so often we get an order where the rotis are substantially hotter than usual. I have a moderate tolerance for heat but could barely get through my usual "mild" roti last time we ordered. The rotis are really good, but if this keeps happening it might make me think twice about going here.

2015 Mar 25
Ordered take out over the weekend to rave reviews all around (including the toddler who would not stop eating the curry tofu off my plate and stole most of the mango chutney from around the table).

I had the Curry Tofu platter (which included rice and beans, salad, fried plantain, and steamed vegetables) with extra plantain, mango chutney and ginger beer on the side. (All vegan.) The flavours were really good and the food was obviously freshly prepared.

My hubby had the Jerk Chicken Roti platter (which was a huge amount of food) and my brother had the Curry Goat platter. Trying to come up with an excuse to eat there again this week.

2015 Feb 20
Went there last week since I heard the place reopened. I love the Rotis and my boyfriend had the goat platter. They make great ginger beer too!

2015 Feb 20
I was craving Jerk Chicken so end up checking out this place.

Jerk chicken was moist and well cooked with a dark coating just as it should be...could of use a little bit more spice. Vegetables were cooked perfectly.

Wife ordered the Goat Curry and liked it especially with the mango chutney but the price was a bit high for what you get.

Will return to try the Rotis.



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